Student Learning

Student Learning can help you to develop your academic skills – things like academic speaking, writing, reading, and numeracy skills. Student Learning staff are in each college and regional campus.

On the Student Learning website, you'll find practical exercises and advice about academic reading, writing, note-taking, oral presentations, tips on referencing, exam preparation and much more.

Peer Learning Advisers

Peer Learning Advisers (PLAs) can help you with your studies and using the library.

They are experienced and successful students, hired specifically to help other students.

In each campus library during the academic year, there is an advertised location where they can help you with:

  • directions
  • library (showing you the range of self help resources and tools, e.g. subject guides)
  • word processing, PowerPoint, etc.
  • giving a presentation, making a poster, working in a team, etc.
  • preparing for exams
  • time management
  • assignments
  • study problems
  • where to get further help
  • referrals to other uni services.

Our PLAs understand that talking to another friendly student who knows how things work can really help.