An online orientation for new students

Ready4Uni modules are designed to help you prepare for studying at La Trobe. Find out about academic techniques for learning, tips for success from other students, how to make friends though clubs and societies, local services, and much more.

Getting Started- Make the most of uni by completing the study checklist, find out about key online resources you will use, organise your timetable with Allocate Plus, and get involved in activities and events at La Trobe.

My Course- Find out what you can expect in your course. Hear tips for your first semester and hear what classes are like from fellow students. Includes info on what to do if you want to change courses!

Finding Work- Do you know what you want to do with your degree? Develop your career pathway and get extra skills to make your resume stand out.

Managing Time- Juggling multiple assignments and projects with your personal life is a balancing act. Find out how much time you will need to study and how to improve your time management skills.

Studying- What is academic integrity? Resources and study tips to improve your learning.

ASK For Help- Find out about ASK La Trobe, your one-stop help service at La Trobe University and how to get help from your academic lecturer or tutor.

University terminology

Commonly used words at University