Sometimes the maths skills needed for some subjects may be a surprise for students who were not aware that maths would be involved, for example drug calculations for nurses or statistics for marketing.

Tackling the language of Maths

  • Read the problem in its entirety.
  • List the variables.
  • Define what you need, including the units of measurement.
  • Look for key words.
  • Know the vocabulary of calculating (increased by, per, less than) and the associated operator (addition, division, subtraction).

More help with solving Maths word problems [PDF 81KB]. (If you would like any of the information on this page made available in an alternate format please contact Peggy Zelvys:

Coping with Maths anxiety

Being a little anxious is normal; even professors will admit to it! Maths anxiety is a learned response and can be un-learned. The resources and links on this page may help you to feel more confident with your maths skills.

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