Do it right - Don't cheat

University rules and policies on academic integrity can be hard to interpret, but it's important to understand your responsibilities. It is easy to understand that cheating is unacceptable.

Purchasing an essay, paying someone else to do your work or getting someone else to do your assessment task are all clear examples of cheating, so they carry a strong penalty. Cheating is not worth it!

Academic integrity involves more than being honest and not cheating. It includes concepts like proper academic acknowledgment. Here on this site you can find out what academic integrity is, how it relates to you, how to follow the rules and what to do if you're accused of academic misconduct.

Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

What is the Academic Integrity Module?

Academic integrity explained

See examples of academic misconduct and consequences. Find out about plagiarism, Turnitin and collusion.

Acknowledgement and referencing help

The right ways to reference your sources.

Copyright for students

What copyright is and how it applies to you.

Help for academic misconduct

What to do if you’re called to the Academic Misconduct Committee.

Resources for staff

Access teaching, learning and supervision resources.