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Achieve @ Uni

Get the academic skills and language you need to achieve at uni.

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Pre- Study Programs

With a focus on academic skills; pre-study prepare you for the transition to university.

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In-Semester Study Support

PLAs help you develope the skills you need to excel at Uni.

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Non-Study Period Support

Preparing first year students for ongoing studies in their second semester of Uni.

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Referencing help

Universities are very careful about acknowledging where information and ideas come from. Subjects have specific ways of referencing and you need to know these rules. Referencing properly requires practice and takes time to master. Become more confident by getting the referencing help you need.

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Postgraduate help

Get the most out of your coursework or research further study.

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Refer a student for help

Staff, refer a student at risk to Student Learning for individual help.


Find a Student Learning staff member

Student Learning staff work in both Colleges and on all Campuses.

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