Outlook Web Access


  • You know what your existing password is.
  • You have access to a web browser.


  1. Logon to Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  2. Select Options.
  3. Click Change Password (if prompted for user details, please type in "STUDENTS\username", or "LTU\username" for staff, for your username e.g. students\jbloggs). The Change Password dialog box appears.
  4. If prompted, in the Domain box click STUDENTS to change your student password (or LTU for staff).
  5. If prompted, in the Account box, type your username.
  6. In the Old Password box, type your existing password.
  7. In the New Password box, type your new password.
  8. In the Confirm New Password box, re-type your new password.
  9. Click OK or SAVE.

Note: Your password must adhere to the password complexity requirements.

When using this method off campus, your old password will still be required to log into your computer until you are connected to La Trobe University's network. All other services will use the new password.If you encounter difficulties using this method please use the

online utility

orcontact us

for assistance. Staff should contact the

ICT Service Desk.