Campus labs

Computer labs are located at the following campuses:

In addition, your faculty may provide their own facilities.

Rules & regulations

The use of computer facilities at La Trobe is governed by the Use of Computer Facilities Statute 2009 [PDF 65KB].

Labs are provided to students for academic purposes, not for personal use. There is to be:

  • no games;
  • no IRC;
  • no chat;
  • no food or drink;

Please respect your fellow students and keep noise levels to a minimum.

Download policy

The web is NOT a copyright-free zone. DO NOT assume that you are entitled to download everything you can access on the web. Some material may be on the web without the copyright owner's permission. DO NOT use University equipment or the computer networks to download, redistribute or copy unauthorized files.

As you may be aware, there are some websites which offer – with the copyright owner's permission - MP3 files or other music formats for free download. The University's computers and network should NOT be used for this purpose. If you want to download or transfer music for any non-academic purpose, this should be done privately, and not on a University-owned computer or through the University's computer network.

Saving files

We suggest that you save all of your documents into your own personal file space on your student home drive. Your student home drive is a very secure and reliable area on the fileserver which is backed up each night onto tape. You can access your document files on drive H: from any student computer. You can easily determine what files are stored in drive H: by clicking on the icon on your desktop.

We recommend that you also use external USB drives as secondary backups and to print your documents at regular intervals in order to maintain hard copies of your work.

Do not store files on drive D:\. These are the internal hard drives of the workstation and they are frequently wiped and re-formatted.