International Student Barometer (ISB)

About the ISB

The ISB is the world's largest student survey providing benchmarks for international student satisfaction. All levels and years of study are covered, from first year undergraduates to final year PhD students.

The ISB provides La Trobe University with an understanding of the international student experience. Through the confidential information gathered, we are able to evaluate what we are doing well as a university and in what areas we need to improve.

The 2016 ISB results

In 2016, 1243 students (23% of onshore La Trobe international students in Victoria) responded to the survey. La Trobe University received positive results from the 2016 ISB. Compared to other Australian universities, our international students identified all areas as having greater or equal satisfaction levels with Australian or worldwide universities.

There were several elements within each area key area of student satisfaction at La Trobe which students identified as very satisfactory (with at least 90% satisfaction rate). These included:

Key areaElement with very high student satisfaction
  • University orientation and first night
  • Interaction with friends from other culture
  • Access to the internet
  • Great social activities
  • Setting up bank account
  • Assessments
  • Marking criteria
  • Academics' English
  • Facilities: laboratories, virtual learning, technology, and online and physical library
  • Learning support
  • Overall great campus environment, a good place to be, nice campus buildings
  • Great on campus accommodation, sports facilities and social activities  Eco-friendly attitude
  • Good transport links to uni
  • Universities' Support: International Office, IT and System Support, Access to Health Services
  • Students' Community: Students' Union, Clubs/Societies
  • Faith Provision
  • Disability Support

La Trobe continues to make improvements on areas that students have identified as high importance or need improvements.

Key areaSteps La Trobe University has taken/will be taking to improve this area
RegistrationLa Trobe International recognises that new arriving students feel the pressure to register with the university, settle in, find accommodation, and participate in Orientation. Bottlenecks and delays have been identified and new processes put in place for new international students to experience a faster more streamlined on-arrival registration process.
Study SenseInternational students identified in this survey that they felt there could have been more information provided to them on arrival about their course and study options. The Course handbooks have all been updated and linked on the website. There are new College information desks in the library to assist students with questions. Discussions are underway about how to provide more targeted course specific information during Orientation.
Fees DepartmentThe Fees Department was identified in the survey as needing improvement and this valuable feedback will be analysed to understand the source of frustration with a view to determine how to address. International students are also reminded that advice and information about fees is available from the website and via staff at La Trobe International.

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