Amazing Race

‚ÄčEach semester, as part of the La Trobe University Orientation program, International Student Services put on an 'Amazing Race' whereby around 100 newly arrived international students are broken up into small teams, to solve clues, find locations, travel to landmarks around Melbourne's central business district (CBD), undertake physical tasks and crack riddles. The tasks encourage students to solve problems, complete challenges and compete against fellow students to be crowned the winner of the Amazing race.

Leaving from La Trobe Bundoora campus, students catch public transport, and race around the city, solving puzzles, completing tasks and visiting iconic Melbourne destinations in the CBD, ending up at an end venue where they share stories, are awarded prizes and socialise.

Teams leave the start point with a map and their first clue which they must crack to determine their destination. At each check point located throughout the city their team must work quickly together to complete a fun physical or mental challenge in order to gain points and to receive the clue to find next checkpoint. Their challenges includes finding specific location around the city; get to know the local languages and culture, riding all types of public transport and engaging with the wider Melbourne community.

All students who participate receive morning and afternoon tea, snacks and prizes, and have a wonderful, exciting and hilarious time, exploring Melbourne with new friends.


Watch the vibrant video from the Amazing Race on YouTube!

Watch the most recent video (created by our talented international student John Jiang) from here!