Advanced Standing

Credit for prior study

Advanced standing, or credit for prior study may be applied to a current course if you have undertaken previous tertiary study.

You must complete and pass subjects similar in content and standard to those offered at La Trobe, from either another recognised tertiary institution or a different La Trobe course.

Applying for advanced standing

You can apply to have specific subjects credited toward your current course (i.e. core subjects, list subjects, any other subject that you would like to appear on your transcript ). To apply, you must:

You can also apply to have unspecified credit applied to your course (i.e. electives that will appear as 'UNSPECIFIED CREDIT' on your transcript). To apply you must:

  • fill out an Application for Advanced Standing form [PDF 72KB] with the year level and elective type specified (e.g. '1st year humanities elective')
  • provide certified copies of academic transcripts from your past tertiary studies (if they’re not from La Trobe)
  • provide detailed subject descriptions and related information such as assessment tasks from your past tertiary studies (if not from La Trobe)
  • submit your application to ASK La Trobe, with your certified documents

You can apply to have specific and unspecified subjects credited in the same application.

If you’re currently enrolled into one or more of the subjects/elective spaces that you would like to receive credit for, you must submit your application before the commencement of the relevant semester or teaching period.

Apply for advanced standing

When to submit your application

Fully completed applications for advanced standing must be submitted either as part of your course application process or within three business days of receiving your offer into the course. Timely submission of your advanced standing application will give you an opportunity to amend your enrolment based on the outcome of your advanced standing application for the current semester.

Late submissions of advanced standing

Advanced standing applications received after the due date may not be processed until the next available semester.

Advanced standing approval

We’ll notify you via email to let you know if your credit has been approved. While waiting for your advanced standing outcome, you must continue to attend classes for all of your subjects.

If your application for advanced standing is approved, it will be backdated to the date you submitted (i.e. if submitted before census date, fees for credited subjects will be waived/refunded).

How much credit you can expect

The amount of credit you may be approved for depends on:

  • the type of tertiary study you have previously completed
  • how many units you completed and passed
  • the similarity or relevance of your previous tertiary study to the La Trobe course you’re currently enrolled in
  • the limits to advanced standing for highly competitive entry courses


You can view the Advanced standing, articulation and credit transfer policy in our Policy Library.

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