Under the guidelines, the University is required to have a formal process of consultation with democratically elected student representatives and representatives from major student organisations at the university regarding the specific uses of proceeds from any compulsory student services and amenities fee.

These consultations must include:

  • publishing identified priorities for proposed fee expenditure and allowing opportunities to comment on those priorities by students and student associations and organisations; and
  • meeting with democratically elected student representatives and representatives from major student organisations at the university to consider the priorities for use of fee revenue.

La Trobe's main consultation methods are approved by the University Council:

  • SSAF annual survey
  • The Student Services Advisory Group (SSAG)
  • SSAF email and Feedback form accessed through the SSAF web pages

Consultation Overview

We will consult with you and other democratically elected student representatives to ensure that you have a proper say in how the SSAF is allocated and spent.

The consultation process will include formal meetings with students via the Student Services Advisory Group where elected student representatives from different La Trobe University campuses and student bodies,together with university nominees, recommend to senior management of the University on the uses of the fee.

We will also conduct a SSAF survey for students at all campuses to seek their views and feedback in identifying and determining priorities for the allocation of SSAF funds.

Below is an indicative outline of the student consultation process for 2015 - 2016:

Consultation Timeline



December '15

SSAG 2016 allocations approved by VP Admin.

January '16

Compile 2015 survey findings and verbatim theme analysis.

February '16

Initiate 2016 Student Consultation Planning.

Start 2016 communications plan and run awareness campaign in O-Week.

March '16

Release 2016 Student Consultation Report and SSAF Survey Findings.

Release 2016 Report to Council.

Finalise RFQ for new survey vendor and start tender process.

Upload 2016 SSAF allocations to website.

Seek approval from SSAG members and VP Admin on proposed consultation strategy.

April '16

Hold first Student Services Advisory Group meeting.

Finalise 2016 Consultation strategy and the 2015 Consultation report and submit to University Council for approval.

Update SSAF website in line with consultation strategy.

June/July '16Hold second SSAG meeting to discuss strategic direction. 
September '16

Release Student Census Survey to the SSAF paying student body.

Conduct consultation activities as determined and approved in April.

October '16Initiate 2015 Student Consultation Planning.
November '16Review draft proposed budget allocations for 2017.
December '16Hold final SSAG meeting to finalise 2017 SSAF budget allocations.

Seek VP Admin approval of 2017 proposed SSAF budget.