Loans for overseas study

The Australian Government may allocate a number of OS-HELP loans to La Trobe University annually to help eligible students undertake part of their study overseas in formal exchange programs, study tours or clinical/professional placements.

The OS-HELP loan is available as: (if your application is submitted in 2016/2017)

  • up to $6470 for overseas study not in Asia
  • up to $7764 for overseas study in Asia
  • a supplementary amount of up to $1035 for Asian Language Study.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you:

  • are enrolled as a Commonwealth Supported Student in a course at La Trobe University
  • are an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder
  • have completed 1 year of full-time study (equivalent to 120 credit points) as a Commonwealth supported student
  • have at least 0.125 EFTSL (15 credit point subject) of study left after returning
  • will be outside Australia for this study
  • have your overseas study count towards your  current enrolled course requirements
  • have not had more than one OS-HELP loan before
  • will not have two OS-HELP loans that overlap for 6 months.

Closing dates

For study overseas on exchange programs in Semester 1 or summer break of any given year, please ensure you submit your application by 1 November in the previous semester.

For study overseas on exchange programs in Semester 2 or winter break of any given year, please ensure you submit your application by 1 May in the previous semester.

Applications for OS-Help loans for study tours, some short courses or clinical/professional placements will be accepted at any time but may not be reviewed immediately. Allow up to 4 weeks before departure for the application to be assessed.

How do I apply?

Send the OS HELP application form (PDF 141KB) with all required supporting documentation to:

OS-HELP Officer
Fees, Financial Aid & Government Reporting
Please submit through ASK La Trobe and include as much information as possible in your query.

Alternatively, you can scan and send the form and all required supporting documentation (including an approved Study Plan from your La Trobe Abroad application) to or submit your application at ASK La Trobe Help zone at the Bundoora and Bendigo Library.

Please note the following:

As part of the application process, students will require Course/Discipline approval to participate in one of the University's recognised exchange programs. This includes detailed documentation of the advanced standing (credit) they will receive on their return. We recommend you use the study plan section of the semester exchange or short program applications.

If you are offered and accept a loan, you will need to fill in an OS-HELP debt confirmation form, a loan acceptance form, and supply your banking details. Payments will be made as soon as all documentation has been finalised.


OS-HELP loans will be allocated to eligible students as detailed in the:

OS-HELP Loans Policy and Procedure

NOTE: The policy and procedure are currently being revised in line with Government changes of 1 January 2014. Some of the information in these documents is not current.

More information

See the OS-HELP section of the government's Study Assist site.