Exam rules

Bringing materials into the exam

You can bring:

  • pens and pencils
  • unmarked eraser
  • unmarked ruler
  • allowable materials as listed on the exam timetable

Smart watches are not permitted.

You must bring your student ID card to the exam. It must be displayed on your desk and made available on request to exam supervisors.

Behaviour in the exam

You must not:

  • talk, unless you need to speak to a supervisor
  • disturb other students or disrupt the exam
  • communicate in any way with other students
  • write during reading time, unless authorised by the chief supervisor
  • enter an exam after 30 minutes of writing time has elapsed
  • leave an exam during the first 30 or last 15 minutes of writing time
  • leave an exam until all of your materials have been collected by a supervisor
  • take exam materials from the venue unless authorised by the chief supervisor.

You must:

  • sit in the seat listed for you unless a supervisor tells you to sit elsewhere
  • read and follow instructions on exam materials and notices displayed at the exam venue
  • follow all instructions from exam supervisors.

Unauthorised materials

You may face disciplinary action if you are found with unauthorised materials:

  • on or next to your desk or chair
  • in or on your clothing
  • on your body
  • in your wallet or purse.