Frequently asked questions

Dates and times

When will I know the date of my exams?

Semester 1 and 2 exam periods - Exam timetables will be posted online 4 weeks prior to exams.

Summer and Supplementary/Special exam periods - Exam timetables will be posted online 1 week prior to exams.


Are exams held within my school or department in the timetable?

No. Contact your school or department for information.


Alternative exam arrangements

Can I take an exam at a different time/location?

Yes, you may request an alternate time/location for your exam if:

You have a medical condition (Contact the Equality & Diversity Disability Liaison Officer)


You are:

  • on armed services duty
  • on a jury or appearing in court
  • an emergency services employee/ volunteer
  • observing a sacred holy day or religious event
  • representing your country in an international event
  • sitting an examination at another institution at the same time/date
  • an elite athlete (check eligibility)

Travel plans are not considered grounds for alternative exam arrangements.

What if my exam clashes with another?

If you have an exam clash the Examinations Office will contact you 2 weeks prior to your exams.

An exam clash applies only where two exams occur on the same day at the same time.

Two exams on the same day (eg. 9am and 2pm) is not considered to be a clash.


At the exam

How long will my exams be?

Exam durations are listed on the timetable.

How do I know my seat number?

Seat numbers are listed outside the venue 30 minutes before the exam.

Tell the Chief Supervisor if you are not listed.

How does reading time work?

You normally have 15 to 30 minutes to read the exam paper before you begin writing.

Do I need my student ID card?

Yes. You must display it on your desk during the exam and make it available upon request by an exam supervisor.

What can I take into the exam?

You can bring:

  • pens and pencils
  • unmarked eraser
  • unmarked ruler
  • allowable materials as listed on the exam timetable.
What if I am running late?

You will not be allowed to sit the exam if you arrive after 30 minutes of writing time has passed.

Can I have extra time if I arrive late?


What if I miss an exam?

Contact your college immediately.


Special consideration

When can I apply for special consideration?

If you miss an exam or think an illness or other adverse circumstance has affected your work in an exam.

How do I apply for special consideration?

Submit an online special consideration application available on the Special Consideration website within three working days of the date of the exam. Include medical certificates or other relevant evidence to support your claim.

If you sit the exam, tell the supervisor during the exam that you are not well and will be applying.

Who decides if I will get special consideration?

The Special Consideration team will assess your application against the Special Consideration Policy and Procedures. If your application is deemed to meet the criteria, your application will be forwarded to your subject coordinator(s) to provide you with an appropriate outcome.