Leave of absence (Intermission)

You can apply for a Leave of Absence (up to 12 months depending on the circumstances) if you're experiencing significant difficulties in your personal or academic life – financial, emotional, medical, employment or study related.

Before taking a Leave of Absence

Discuss your plans with:

Note that taking a Leave of Absence may impact your study plan so it's very important that you discuss this with your course staff before applying e.g. you should find out whether taking leave will cause you to miss any prerequisite or core subjects which will delay your completion of the course.

You should also familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures about taking a Leave of Absence:

Apply for a Leave of Absence

Complete an Application for Leave of Absence [PDF 65kb] form, contact us to submit and make sure you bring your student ID card.

Postgraduate research students

Higher Degree by Research students must have the support of their supervisor to apply for a Leave of Absence. Find out more about changes to your candidature.