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Congratulations on your offer to study with us. Wherever your studies are based, our staff will make every effort to ensure you are part of a vibrant learning community.

International students

Read the enrolment steps for international students.

Domestic students

You're a domestic student if you are:

  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a holder of Australian permanent humanitarian visa
  • a New Zealand citizen.

The information below applies to domestic students.

Enrolment checklist

Open, view and print the enrolment checklist.

Your enrolment process

There are three parts to your enrolment process:

  1. Accept, defer or decline your offer
  2. Attend enrolment information sessions
  3. Enrol in your subjects.

If you defer or decline your offer, you only need to complete the first part.

If you need help, please call 1800 774 452 during business hours (Wednesdays until 4pm).

To view a larger version of the instructional videos below, see our YouTube channel.

Part 1: Accept, defer or decline your offer

Step  1: Activate your La Trobe account by creating a username and password

To activate your account, choose one of the following:

  • I'm a new student or returning after a deferral – activate through the account activation page.
  • I'm a current La Trobe student – to accept, defer or decline a new offer, go to step 2.

Once you activate your account and create your password, we will email your Student ID (username). You will then have access to StudentOnLine, where you can enrol, and use other systems like your La Trobe email account.

Activate Your Account

Step 2: Log on to StudentOnLine to accept, decline or defer your offer

  1. Log on to StudentOnLine.
  2. Check My Personal Details.
  3. Check My Contact Details (left sidebar).   
    1. Note: you should have a Postal, Home and Semester/Term address recorded.
    2. Add an emergency contact.
  4. Confirm My Citizenship and Residency Details.
  5. Confirm My Cultural Details.
  6. Confirm My Disability Details.
  7. Check My Educational Background Details.
  8. Confirm Parent/Guardian Educational Details.
  9. Select the MY OFFERS tab (top left). Select your chosen course and Accept, Decline or Defer.
  10. Complete the eCAF's for the relevant course. If accepting an offer as a Commonwealth Supported student you must complete the relevant Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF). Failure to complete an eCAF before the first census date of your enrolled subjects will result in your offer/enrolment being cancelled. If you are unsure which form is applicable for your situation, check the Study Assist website. You must also read about the relevant Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) before completing your eCAF. Once you have read the required information, complete the relevant eCAF in the MY eCAFs tab. If you need further help, check our frequently asked questions about fees.

Part 2: Attend enrolment information sessions

These on-campus events give you course and subject information and help with online enrolment. For most students, you can complete your enrolment without attending an information session. However we suggest you attend if you have any trouble with the online process.

If you want to apply for advanced standing (recognition of prior learning/credit for subjects you completed previously), you'll need to attend.

Use the enrolment session finder to get the session date and time for your course. The finder also gives you links to more course-specific information.

The enrolment session finder will open for 2015 courses in mid October 2014.

Step 3:

Enrolment session finder

When you come to your session, remember to bring:

  • The Enrolment Checklist
  • Academic transcripts (originals or certified copies) and previously completed subject outlines if you wish to apply for advanced standing.
  • Any other information outlined in the special instructions listed in your Enrolment Session Finder results.

After your session we will help you finish your enrolment online. Download the Lost on Campus app to find your way to your session.

Part 3: Enrol in your subjects

Step 4: Find out your core subjects

Information for 2015 courses will be available in mid October 2014.

The enrolment session finder provides you with a link to your Faculty with information about your course. This is where you will find a list of your core (compulsory) subjects.

Once you have your core subjects, you can select your electives (subjects that are not compulsory). Search the 2014 University Handbook for more information about your course and available subjects.

An instructional video can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Step 5: Enrol in your subjects (StudentOnline)

Enrolment for 2015 courses will open in mid October 2014.

In the MY ENROLMENT tab in StudentOnLine. Select 'Manage enrolment' (left-hand sidebar) to get started. Once you've accepted the terms and conditions you will be able to enrol in your chosen subjects.

Semester 1 starters must enrol in Semester 1 and Semester 2 subjects.
Semester 2 starters can only enrol in Semester 2 subjects. 

Come to your enrolment information session for help with any part of the process, or contact your faculty.

An instructional video can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Step 6: Get your student ID card

Once you have enrolled online, visit your ID card venue where you will get your photo taken for your student ID card. You can use this for things like borrowing books, printing and photocopying. Distance education and Franklin St students can submit an online application for a student ID card.

Find out more about student ID cards.

Step 7: Design your timetable

The day after you enrol in subjects, you will be able to access Allocate Plus to design your timetable.

Allocations via Allocate Plus for 2015 will be open in early January 2015. 

If you need help, please visit the FAQ site or call 1800 774 452 during business hours (Wednesdays until 4pm).

Now you're officially a La Trobe student, check our New Students section to find out more about getting started. We look forward to seeing you at Orientation!