Get the Career Ready Advantage

What is Career Ready Advantage?

This is a program designed to help you actively prepare for your life beyond La Trobe.  It is structured to encourage you to record and build on your experiences – through part time work, internships, participation in volunteering, international experiences, professional involvement etc. Each of these experiences are complementary to your studies.

The focus is on enabling you to confidently tell your story to future employers and articulate the unique value you will bring.  You will be able to do this because you will be able to translate the value of the experiences you’ve had within your studies and also in the other activities you’ve undertaken.

Who is Career Ready Advantage for?

If you are a student of La Trobe – then Career Ready Advantage is for you!  Additionally, we hope that is it is something you will continue to interact with once you leave, this is about your career, not just your first job. We are working on specialised activities for MBA students in collaboration with La Trobe Business School; we are partnering with Research Education and Development (RED) to develop a program for Higher Degree Research students; and we’ll be running tailored programs at each campus.

How was it developed?

We worked with students, and a wide range of employers, to co-develop Career Ready Advantage. Through a consultation process with employers we learned first-hand about what they are recruiting for and what they value in graduates. Students told us what activities they enjoy doing, and how they want to be supported in developing their career. Using those insights, we have built a program of activities that will enable you to build capabilities that will make you more attractive to employers.

How does Career Ready Advantage work?

Career Ready Advantage has a number of components introduced below.  Each of these components work together to create an engaging and practical experience for you.

1. Build your skills with the Career Ready Capability Framework

The framework includes the combination of the skills and personal attributes that are valued by employers and which you need to focus on using Career Ready Advantage. You’ll develop these capabilities by ‘learning’, ‘doing’ and ‘reflecting’.  Aspire students will receive recognition for your previous volunteering and community engagement activities, and all students can self-assess your baseline skills levels.

2. Manage your career

Employers told us that students who take control of their career management really stand out.  Our Career Ready team will support you as you develop your personalised Career Ready Advantage through consultations, workshops, Masterclasses, Alumni mentoring and connections with employers.

3. Track and assess your progress

Using your personal dashboard in the MyLaTrobe app you will be able to track your progress and the impact of your chosen activities.  As you progress there are opportunities to assess yourself and to gain feedback from employers, to earn digital badges (micro-credentials) and take control of your own growth and development. The Career Ready team will be available to support you with this.

4. Unlock rewards

The more you participate, to build your skills and personal attributes and manage your career, the more rewards you will unlock.  Examples include priority access to internships, mentoring, LinkedIn workshops and consultations,  as well as opportunities to network with employers and receive valuable feedback on your Career Ready progress – it’s all about you and your career.  Your progress on each skill ladder and in terms of career management is shown on your dashboard.

5. Tell your story – the Career Ready Portfolio

When you’re ready to apply for roles you can build your story using a reflection portfolio. This will be a compilation of the various experiential learning activities you’ve undertaken and the skills and attributes you have developed.  Together with a professional CV and LinkedIn profile, the Career Ready Portfolio will provide you with evidence and examples of your experience and strengths and the confidence to share these with your future employers.

Get started with Career Ready

Career Ready Advantage is available to all enrolled students.

Career Ready Orientation

The first thing to do is to complete the Career Ready Orientation. It’s available via the MyLaTrobe App and explains more about Career Ready Advantage. By completing the orientation you’ll be adding your first Career Ready ‘blocks’ on your dashboard and will have the opportunity to self-assess your baseline skills levels.

Career Ready Orientation is now available. Go to MyLaTrobe app and follow the links to Career Ready Orientation.

Complete the Career Ready Orientation by 31 March 2017 to be entered into the draw to win one of four amazing prizes including a $1000 travel voucher and an Apple Watch. View Terms & Conditions.

MyLaTrobe app

The MyLaTrobe app has a dedicated section for Career Ready. On the app you will have access to view your Career Ready Advantage dashboard, browse a list of available Learn and Do activities to build your capabilities, access career management activities, workshops and courses, and check out the marketplace to find a job, internship or volunteer experience. Note: Some features will be released later this semester.

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