Student identification (ID) cards

Photo of a sample student card

Use your card for:

  • identification
  • borrowing from the library
  • printing and photocopying
  • getting into buildings.

Terms and conditions

1. Looking after your card

Do not damage your card or expose it to heat. Keep it flat to protect its microchip and aerial. Replacement cards cost $28 from your Student Administration Office.

2. Renewing your card

Take expired cards to your Student Administration Office for a free replacement.

3. Lost and stolen cards

New cards are $28, you can order and pay for a replacement card at the Student Hub, Thomas Cherry Building, Melbourne Campus or at a Student Administration Office on any regional campus.

If your card has been stolen please email with your full name and ID number. A new card is free if you have a police stolen property report.

Register your new card with your Transact La Trobe print and copy account.

4. Returning your card

Return your card when you finish your course or employment with us. If you do not, we will cancel it.

5. Cards for distance education students

Email your statement of ID (PDF 29KB) form to with a JPG file of your current photo and one of:

  • Current drivers licence
  • Current firearms licence
  • Proof of age card
  • Full passport.

Your card will be posted to your current address.

6. Head coverings in photos

You can only wear head coverings worn for religious reasons in photos. The photo must clearly show both edges of your face and from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead.

If you cannot follow these guidelines because of religious or cultural reasons, we will give you a second ID card with your signature on it. Use this as extra proof of identity, especially for exams.

We use the Australian Government passport photo guidelines for ID card photos

7. Access to buildings

Access to buildings and lecture theatres.

8. Changes to terms and conditions

We will update this web page, display notices at your Student Administration Offices and we may contact you if we make any changes. Changes apply immediately.

Contact us

Student Hub

Level 1, Thomas Cherry Building

La Trobe University

Victoria 3086


Privacy notice

We use enrolment information to produce your ID card to give you access to services. When we take your ID card photo, you can agree to allow us to use it for other purposes. Visit your Student Administration Office to access personal information we keep about you.