Professor Anthony Smith Conference Attendance Award

This scholarship offers awards for graduate researchers to attend academic conferences in areas related to sexuality studies.

The Professor Anthony Smith Travel Award was established to honour the memory of Professor Smith, who passed away in 2012. Professor Smith was a foundation member of the Australian Centre for Health, Sex and Society and published more than 300 articles and presentations, directed major research projects and became a scholar of international repute. He is best known as the creator and chief investigator of Australia’s first major study into sexual health and well-being - The Australian Study of Health and Relationships (the Australian 'Kinsey' as it is sometimes known).

The scholarship is awarded to PhD students of outstanding merit carrying out sexuality related research in order to support attendance at international conferences.


One or more awards of up to $4,000 each per year


This scholarship is open to graduate researchers who:

  • are enrolled for a PhD or professional doctorate (inclusive of both full and part-time students)
  • can demonstrate outstanding merit through the progress of their studies
  • can demonstrate the benefits of the conference attendance to their research
  • will attend the conference within the next 12 months after the closing date
  • are working in the area of sexuality

How to apply

Applications from students satisfying the above conditions should include:

  • a brief (one page) statement from the candidate that shows how attendance at the conference would benefit their research
  • a short CV (including a list of items which have been published or submitted for publication)
  • details of any paper or other presentation to be made at the conference
  • a list of the costs that comprise the application (conference fee, travel, accommodation etc.) and dates (similarly, conference and travel dates).

Applicants who have had a paper accepted for delivery at the conference may be given preference over others, but acceptance of a paper for a conference is not a condition of receiving the award.

Successful applicants are required to provide an acquittal statement (how they used the award finances) and a brief report after their return from the conference.

Closing date for applications is 5pm Wednesday 31 May 2017

Applications should be sent to