PhD Scholarship in Physical Chemistry (Laser Spectroscopy/Modeling)

Post Graduate Scholarship in the Department of Chemistry

Research summary

This ARC funded project will study conformational shape in biologically relevant molecules such as neurotransmitters. Laser-based spectroscopic techniques will be used to explore the crucial influences of charge, and of solvent molecules to better inform pharmacophore models. 


The functioning of biomolecules depends on the conformational shape they adopt and on their interactions with the surrounding environment, which includes water, charged species and other biomolecules. Enormous resources are devoted to molecular modeling for drug design, yet the interpretation and use of modelling is limited by our knowledge of these interactions. Optical gas phase spectroscopic techniques, with the aid of computational chemistry, can provide rich and exquisitely detailed information about conformation and intermolecular interactions. This project is part of an ARC funded research program using gas phase laser spectroscopy to explore structural, photophysical and photochemical properties of functionalised molecules and their non-covalently bound complexes. 


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