Year 12 visual arts student prize – Bendigo


La Trobe Art Institute (LAI) recognises the important role that art plays in the community. LAI is offering two prizes of $200 each to foster an ongoing relationship between La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo Senior Secondary College and Catholic College Bendigo. 

The prizes are available for the acquisition of art work from year 12 visual arts students at Bendigo Secondary College and Catholic College Bendigo. This prize will be used towards the acquisition of work. The work will then be donated back to the College/School for their collection.


Applicants must be enrolled as a year 12 visual arts student at Bendigo Senior Secondary College or Catholic College.

The prize will be awarded to a year 12 visual arts student based on the merit of their work, the technique employed and the visual communication of their central theme.

How are successful applicants selected?

Selection of the successful candidates will be on the recommendation of an academic discipline leader from Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Catholic College and the La Trobe Art Institute.

Please see your visual arts teacher at Bendigo Senior Secondary College/Catholic College for more information.