China study tour profiles

Bethany Coleman

Before this year I never thought I would travel to China and see the Great Wall but I am now able to check this experience off my list of things to do throughout my life.  The China study tour offered by Latrobe was such a fantastic opportunity and I had an incredible time throughout the 2 weeks. 

Every day during the tour was a different experience, from learning about the Chinese culture, to visiting the Great Wall of China, the Birds Nest, Chinese markets, KTV karaoke and many more iconic Chinese landmarks we always had a great time! 

The opportunity to put the theory I had learnt throughout my degree into practice was extremely worthwhile and gave me a greater understanding of marketing and management by visiting many organizations within a growing country such as China. I learnt so much valuable information and made so many life long friends. The China study tour exceeded my expectations and would definitely encourage students to take part as it was a fantastic experience a once in a life time opportunity. 

Cathy McKenna

What an experience, from one corner to another, pristine factories with advanced technology to almost poverty in the streets. Beijing is an amazing country, traffic jams, horns beeping cars an inch apart from one another, crossing the road was a harrowing experience, tricycles and bicycles weaving in-between cars. Streets scapes perfectly manicured with the most basic of tools. China a country I would not have chosen to visit but having experienced it I would love to return in about five years and see what changes have occurred. 

The Great Wall of China amazing breathtaking scenery, Tian an Amen square the history and politics of the country is astounding. Tianjin Port has enormous capacity for exporting and importing. Visiting different industries and learning how the Chinese operate was an eye opener, negotiation styles and the cultural differences have huge impacts on how things are achieved in China. Negotiations are never complete in the eyes of the Chinese! 

The Chinese people were hospitable and friendly. It was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to experience the many cultural differences. 

Fahad Alhashem

“The China Study Tour is by far the best hands-on experience an International business student can get” It gave us an opportunity to communicate with local students and instigate future connections with students of similar interest to ours, as well as have a well- rounded experience on all aspects relating to doing business in China. Such as: regulations, business negotiation and local tastes and customs. 

This trip offered a great variety of activities ( Most Notably: the ‘Breath taking’ Great Wall, Tianjin Port and the Infamous Silk Market and the Beijing Opera) as we covered what people spend months trying to experience in just two weeks. I can confidently say this experience changed my perception of the international environment of work, and would highly recommend it to anybody with cross- cultural interest or wishes to work in a multi-national organization, or Just Travel Enthusiasts.

It’s an experience that I will never regret and appreciate being part of it, and I think I will always remember what we experienced there, and I will take that information with me wherever I go, it’s a great way of proving to the business world, that as graduate you possess the features to succeed wherever you go. “Thank you Latrobe, Claire, Roman, Peter, Gillian and our Host Page for this Experience” and for being patient, understanding and guiding parents for us during this Learning Experience” 

Jake Henderson

The trip was an amazing trip which I would recommend to everyone, I gained valuable knowledge in both international marketing and international management through hands on experience and educational site visits, I learnt a lot about China, and I would feel a lot more confident in doing international business there. I also gained life experience and learnt many lessons in travelling. I saw the Great wall, Birds nest, and spent lots of money at the markets.

I learnt to appreciate what I have, I felt independent and my confidence grew. I also meet lots of great people and made life long friends. I could not rate how valuable the trip was. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to do things on my own. I will always remember what an amazing time I had in china! I would encourage everyone to participate in this one of a life time opportunity. It will exceed your expectations!

James Adley

The China international study tour was simply the best educational experience that I have ever had. The business visits, people you meet, culture you will experience, karaoke and most importantly the friends you make throughout the trip make this an amazing adventure that you will never forget. 

You will come away from this trip with a great understanding about how business is performed in China, gain a perspective of how explosive the growth in China really is and visit some of the most spectacular places you will ever see. 

Nicola Robson-Garth

The China Study Tour 2010 was the best adventure of my life. Never travelling overseas before this trip was better than what I could ever imagine. There were many highlights of the tour like visiting the Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, shopping and delicious Peaking Duck. There were a few lowlights as well, such as the cold temperatures. I met a whole bunch of people with different backgrounds all there to learn more about China. I would definitely recommend the tour to any students who are looking for an adventure and to do some study at the same time. The China Study Tour 2010 was the best experience of my life.