Reasons and documentation

Special consideration applications must be substantiated through the provision of appropriate documentary evidence. This evidence normally must be provided by an independent third party (i.e. not by a member of the applicant’s family). The timing of the circumstance must be relevant, it must coincide with:

  • a reasonable time period for preparation of an assessment task,
  • the submission date for an assessment task,
  • a reasonable period of study for an examination or test or
  • the sitting date for an examination or test.

If you do not have supporting documentation at the time of your application, you must provide relevant official documentary evidence within five working days from the date you submit your special consideration application. Please indicate on your application that you are in the process of obtaining supporting documentation.

Your application will be cancelled automatically if you do not provide supporting documentation within this time.



Required supporting documentation

Serious illness or injury

  • emergency surgery
  • conditions requiring hospital treatment
  • broken limb impacting on ability to undertake assessment task
  • exacerbation of psychological condition
  • Medical Impact Statement. A medical certificate may not suffice and your application may be delayed if additional documentation needs to be provided.
  • carer’s certificate
  • hospital admission/discharge summary

Emotional disturbance

  • death of a close family member
  • family or relationship breakdown
  • personal or family hardship as a result of natural disaster
  • sudden loss of income or employment
  • abuse (e.g. incident of domestic violence, flight from an abusive   situation)
  • emergency travel as a result of major political upheaval in your home   country
  • traumatic experience (e.g. witnessing or being involved in a serious   accident, witnessing or being a victim of a serious crime
  • obituary, funeral notice (documentation such as birth or marriage certificate or a statutory declaration to confirm family relationship)
  • letter from psychologist or counsellor
  • letter from employer or notice of unexpected cessation of employment
  • police or incident report


  • transport breakdown causing the student to miss or to be significantly   late for an examination or other assessment task
  • police or incident report
  • insurance incident claim

Privacy statement

La Trobe University respects the privacy of your personal information. We collect personal information in order to assess your eligibility for special consideration. Documentation that you provide as part of a special consideration application is strictly confidential and is subject to the protections of relevant privacy laws. Your confidential information is only made available to authorised staff as part of the special consideration process. You may have the right to access the personal information that we hold about you subject to any exemptions in relevant laws, by contacting us at