Request for a review or re-mark of academic work

The Review and Re-Mark of Student’s Academic Work Policy and Procedure govern what can happen if you are not satisfied with a mark that you have received.

You are entitled to request a review or re-mark of your academic work under the following conditions:

  • You are enrolled in a coursework program (you can’t ask for a remark of work in a subject you are completing as part of a higher degree by research); and
  • The piece of work you want to request the review or re-mark for is worth 20% or more of the final result for the subject; and
  • The work is physically able to be reviewed or remarked (you can’t apply for a review or re-mark for work examined orally or in a clinical or practical setting).


Academic work must be reviewed before it can be considered for re-marking.

If you meet ALL of the conditions above

Request a review

Request a re-mark