What is the SSAF?

Introduced in 2011, the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) provides you with an opportunity to contribute to the La Trobe community by helping to fund student services, facilities and amenities at your campus - including counselling, careers advice, childcare, health services, orientation and sporting and recreational activities. We use this fee to ensure we provide you with the best campus experience, support and facilities. This way, we can focus our funding on teaching and research and providing you with a better learning experience.

You can comment or provide feedback on any of the proposed areas of funding and the specific uses of the proceeds from the fee.

So who pays and who doesn't?

The University Council determines who pays the fee. The government sets the maximum amount each year and the university decides how much to charge. At La Trobe SSAF is calculated by attendance and mode. All on campus or multi-modal students pay SSAF. This means that only distance, online and external students are exempt from paying the fee. The table below provides some examples:



Domestic Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) undergraduate students

Students studying online courses

Post Graduate CSP and full fee paying students

Off shore international students

Research students

Students studying external to one of La Trobe's campuses

International students (charged a tuition fee that covers the cost of SSAF)

Distance education students