How SSAF is used

SSAF pays for important student services and facilities on all La Trobe campuses, the Australian Government outline the specific areas where this fee can be distributed.

SSAF can be used for the following services:

  • providing food or drink to students on a campus
  • students sport and recreation
  • supporting administration of student clubs
  • childcare services
  • legal services
  • promoting health or welfare of students
  • accommodation support
  • careers/employment support and advice
  • financial planning and support
  • insurance against personal accidents
  • student debating
  • providing libraries/reading rooms (other than for academic purposes)
  • supporting artistic activities of students
  • producing and sharing student-made media with students
  • academic skill development, outside of a course of study
  • advising on University rules and policies (however described)
  • advocating students' interests in matters arising under the University's rules (however described)
  • orientation information
  • supporting overseas students in their welfare, accommodation and employment.

How does La Trobe deliver these services?

La Trobe can choose to deliver the services and amenities ourselves or we can contract a third party to deliver the services and amenities on our behalf. Our major third party providers include:

The legislation prohibits the use of the fee to support a political party (a group which has, as one of its objectives, the election of a candidate endorsed by the group or by an organisation of which the group forms a part, to the Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government body).

2017 SSAF Expenditure

It is anticipated that the SSAF will generate approximately $8.5 million. The funds will be allocated to the areas listed below:

Areas$ (2017)
Initial Forecast$ 8,500,000
Cost for University Contribution to Travel Concession Card scheme$ 350,000
Total for Distribution$ 8,150,000
Student bodies 
LTSU$ 2,925,666
BSA$ 1,183,290
WSA$ 292,429
Student bodies total$ 4,401,386
University Areas 
Sports$ 1,280,963
Children's Centre$ 378,750
Campus & Student Life$ 660,000
Health & Wellbeing (including Indigenous Counselling)$ 650,000
Student Enrichment and Employability$ 750,000
University Areas Total$ 3,719,713
Total Allocated$ 8,121,099

2016 SSAF Expenditure

It is anticipated that the SSAF will generate approximately $7.5 million. The funds will be allocated to the areas listed below:

Areas$ (2016)
Student bodies 
Student bodies total$4,137,000
Children's Centre$375,000
Campus Life 
Campus Life including off-campus accommodation$500,000
A/W Student Participation, Clubs & Societies, Postgraduate Program$110,000
Campus Bus$67,000
Health & Wellbeing (Including Indigenous counselling) 
Respect @ LTU$150,000
Health & Wellbeing total$650,000
Student Enrichment 
Orientation and Student Success$200,000
Jobs on Campus + Graduate Program$140,000
Student Enrichment total$340,000
Total allocated$7,447,000

2015 SSAF Expenditure

Utilising the unallocated capital and surplus collected in 2014 the following initatives have been funded for 2015. Updates on these projects will be provided periodically through out the year.

Initiative$ (2015)
Student bodies 
LTSU$ 2,500,000
BSA$ 1,010,000
WSA$ 248,000
Student bodies total $ 3,758,000
Children's Centre$ 375.000
Campus Life$ 410,000
Health and Wellbeing (Including Indigenous Counseling)$ 625,000
Student Enrichment$ 300,000
Capital & Project Submissions Allocations$ 750,000
Total allocated$ 7,466,000