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PhD projects undertaken by past and present student of Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort.

Natalie Brici Flow and decision making in a retail context: Young and older consumers. In progress La Trobe University.

Tanvir Ahmed Counterfeit branding: A multi-level analysis. In progress La Trobe University.

Ahn Quan Nguyen Corporate Entrepreneurship in SMEs: A transition economy context in Vietnam . In progress La Trobe University.

Menu Jayaratne Labels and decision making: A sustainability focus . In progress La Trobe University.

Dr Vito Brancaleone Personality orientations of Information diffusion drivers Completed 2011 La Trobe University.

Tom Chen The rise of smart consumers Submitted 2011 QUT - supervisor Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort.

Dr Heather Douglas Great expectations: A multi-theoretical model of social entrepreneurship start-ups Completed 2011 at Griffith University – supervisor Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort.

Dr Rahim Hussain The Impact of Banner Advertisement Frequency on Consumers' Attitudinal, Behavioural, and Cognitive Responses Moderated by Banner Advertisement Type and Appeal Completed 2007 at Griffith University - supervisor Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort.

Dr Gita Gayatri Islamic consumers’ quality perceptions Completed 2007 at Australian National University - supervisor Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort.

Dr Margee Hume Investigating re-purchase intention in an experiential context using operations and marketing perspectives Completed 2006 at University of Queensland - supervisor Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort.