Collaboration and consultancy

Various collaboration and consultancies have been conducted with various organisations including:

  • Department of Primary Industries,
  • Government of Victoria;
  • Real Estate Institute of Victoria,
  • Office of Gaming and Racing,
  • Department of Justice, and,
  • Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) Victoria

Ph.D projects

The following projects have been undertaken by past and present students:

2009: Saeed Hota.
Title: Market Orientation and ecological orientation impact factors on firm’s small and medium performance.

2008: Tariq Halimi.
Title: Consumerism and ethical issues of green marketing.

2007: Roman Peretiatko.
Title: Entry Modes into Ukraine.

2004 – 2011 Andrew Gilmore. 
Title: Entry Modes of Foreign Enterprises into India 2005 Anna Molina Title: Advertising and Social Marketing : Impact on food and nutrition.

2007-2011: Andrew Podbury –Completed 2011.
Title: AFL players as role models: The off-field expectations placed on AFL players as role-models and how this has affected the traditional employment contract.

2007-2011: Holly Foster – Completed 2011.
Title: A Case Study Analysis on Residential Water Demand Management: an evaluation of current demand and pricing strategies with implications for future water policy.

2006-2010: MD Belal Chowdhury - Completed 2010.
Title: Patient-Centric approach to enhance performance in Australian Healthcare system.

1997-2004, Abduh Mohammed - Ph. D (Business) Degree awarded in June 2004.
Title: Exploring factors affecting perceived value added contribution of Business Incubation Programs to tenants in Australia


2009 – Monika Poposki.
Title: Green marketing and perceived consumer effectiveness.

2008 – Briony Cardile.
Title: The effectiveness of social marketing campaigns in influencing the eating behaviours of tweens.

2008 – Mitchelle Barrile.
Title: Influence of Eco-orientation and green marketing on business performance and environmental sustainability among Australian Automotive companies.

2007 - Ana Laskova.
Title: Green marketing and consumer perceptions of products.

2006 – Aimee Fong.
Title: TAC Advertising and Social Marketing.

2005 – Robert Swanders, B. Business.
Title: Consumer ethnocentrism and its effects on small business.

2005 – Ana Molina, B. Business.
Title: Children’s cognitive development and advertising.

2004 – Zulfia Tazin, B. Business.
Title: Impact of advertising campaigns on consumer behaviour: Implications for speed driving.

2004 – Edwina Oram, B. Business.
Title: Youth obesity: What odds does social marketing have over traditional marketing strategies.

2004 - Yuan Yuan, B. Business.
Title: Green products, educating consumer perceptions and product failures.

2003 – Michael Haeley, B. Business.
Title: Why do Multinational subsidiaries prefer Australia as choice destination?

2001 - Andrew Woloszyn, B. Business.
Title: Consumer perceptions towards retail websites.

2001 – Michael Lallo, B. Business.
Title: Pricing and Brand Equity – how various pricing strategies impact upon brand equity.

2001 – Sharon Ghraiche, B. Business.
Title: Consumer preferences: The effectiveness of health food products and their implication on sales.

2001 – Yuk Chong, B. Business.
Title: Effects of consumer attitudes towards online buying.

2000 – Insa Monkemeier, B. Business.
Title: The relationship between market orientation and knowledge mgt.

1999 – Ginnelle Murray, Bachelor of Business.
Title: Effectiveness of advertising on small retail outlets within small towns.

1999 - Cindy Tan, Bachelor of Business.
Title: Electronic Banking – A customer’s perspective.

1999 – Leigh Taylor, Bachelor of Business.
Title: Top Popular Brands: Consumers’ perceptions and loyalty.

1999 – Peter Moglia, Bachelor of Business.
Title: Segmentation: A Study of the characteristics of the gay market.

1998 – Marilyn Donisi, Bachelor of Economics.
Title: Factors that impact the success and failures of small business.

1997- Leanne Albon, Bachelor of Commerce.
Title: Customer Satisfaction and the impact of ATM on consumers.