About us

Social marketing techniques have long been used to help achieve desirable social outcomes. Campaigns using social marketing techniques have been responsible for driving positive behavioural change in relation to a number of issues including workplace safety, sun exposure and cigarette smoking.

However, as societies around the world become ever more concerned with issues of sustainability (environmental, economic and social), many marketing experts have started to think about how social marketing can be used to better inform publics in regards to these issues.

At the Sustainability and Social Marketing Australasia / Asia Pacific Research and Training Unit – SSMART – academics now also work alongside community groups and employers to explore how social marketing techniques can shed light on issues to do with sustainability in the Australasia / Asia Pacific region.


SSMART’s mission is to:

  • Provide a focus on high quality work in the domain of Sustainability and Social Marketing for the Australasia / Asia Pacific region and to be known internationally for the quality and impact of the Unit’s research and for its industry relevant training;
  • Enhance education and training in sustainability marketing, social marketing and non-profit and public sector marketing as well as at for-profit marketing interfaces.

Our people

Our people are highly qualified with extensive local and international experience in industry and university settings. Members of the Unit have attracted grants from a large range of public and private funding sources including the:

  • Australian Research Council
  • Department of Primary Industries
  • Government of Victoria
  • Real Estate Institute of Victoria
  • Office of Gaming and Racing
  • Department of Justice
  • Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) Victoria.

Please refer to the Staff profiles section of this site for a full list of the SSMART team.


Our approaches are motivated by our care for consumers and the economic, social and physical environment. The research we carry out is aimed at assisting marketing decision-makers implement socially and environmentally sustainable business practices that have positive economic outcomes.

We utilise high quality research techniques including focus groups and in-depth interviews. We also make use of offline and online surveys, web tracking and auditing to develop a detailed understanding of audience needs. Additionally, we apply mobile phone and web based media and advertising analytics and innovative neuro-scientific approaches to our marketing research and analysis.