Student support

 Accommodation services

For advice on finding accommodation contact Shepparton Student Services:

T: Jesse Volbeda (03) 9479 2875

Careers and employment

The Career Development Centre can help you make informed career, course and employment decisions. Careers counsellors are regularly available for appointments. W: Career Development Centre


Free and confidential short-term counselling for La Trobe University students. Counselling sessions are offered face-to-face, by telephone or by Skype.

Disability support

Disability Support Services can assist students in assessing their needs and provide supports to ensure they are able to participate fully and to the best of their ability. W: Disability Support Services

Equality and diversity

The role of the Equality and Diversity Centre is to promote the full and equal participation of all students and staff at La Trobe University and to foster an environment free of discrimination and harassment. W: Equality and Diversity Centre

Financial assistance

W: Financial assistance

Indigenous student support

Our Indigenous Student Services Officer provides services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. For more information, see the Office of the Director, Indigenous Education site.

International student support

W: International students

IT support and computer skills

We have a wide range of computer services and facilities to support students during their studies. Free email is provided to all students while they are enrolled, and there's online IT training to ensure our graduates have good computing skills. Many lectures are also captured into audio or audio/video streams that can be reviewed by students in their own time.

New student support

W: New students

Shepparton Student Association

W: Shepparton Student Association
F: Shepparton Student Association Facebook page

Study skills

Learning Support

Achieve@Uni for assistance with study skills that you will need at university.

Peer Learning Advisers are rostered on every day of semester from 10am to 4pm to assist you with your academic work. Drop by their desk for assignment help.

Specialist individual support can be arranged with a referral from a lecturer.