Dr Colleen

Dr Colleen Holt

Deputy Coordinator, Core First Year (Health Courses), Lecturer

College of Science, Health and Engineering

Melbourne (Bundoora)


PhD (The University of Melbourne), BA (Hons) (Monash)



Membership of professional associations

Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN), Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association (ASSTA), Deafness Foundation, The Australian Linguistics Society

Area of study


Brief profile

Dr Colleen Holt came to La Trobe in 2016 from The University of Melbourne, where she maintains a research position. Her doctoral work investigated the perception and production of prosody by adolescent cochlear implant users.

Previously, Dr Holt has worked with ARC Laureate Fellow Distinguished Professor Katherine Demuth, investigating language processing in hearing impaired individuals. At The University of Melbourne, Dr Holt was part of the team which developed the Master of Speech Pathology, offered since 2011. She developed and taught the Phonetics and Linguistics subjects for which she was Subject Coordinator and Lecturer from 2011-2015.

Her current research focusses on the perception, production and processing of speech by Cantonese speaking children who use cochlear implants. 

Research interests

Clinical Sciences

- Cochlear implants, speech perception, speech production, language processing

Teaching units

SHE3FRW Future Ready for Work

SHE3INC Industry Innovation Challenge

Recent publications

Journal articles

Mok, M., Holt, C.M., Lee, K.Y.S., Dowell, R.C. & Vogel, A.P. (2017). Cantonese tone perception for children who use a hearing aid and a cochlear implant in opposite ears. Ear & Hearing, published ahead of print. doi: 10.1097/AUD.0000000000000453.

Holt, C. M., Yuen, I., & Demuth, K. (2017). Discourse Strategies and the Production of Prosody by Prelingually Deaf Adolescent Cochlear Implant Users. Ear & Hearing, 38(2), e101-e108.

Holt, C.M., Demuth, K. & Yuen, I. (2015). The use of prosodic cues in sentence processing by prelingually deaf users of cochlear implants. Ear & Hearing, 37(4), 256-262.

Holt, C. M., & McDermott, H. J. (2013). Discrimination of intonation contours by adolescents with cochlear implants. International Journal of Audiology, 52(12), 808-815.

Holt, C.M. & Dowell, R.C. (2010). Actor vocal training for the habilitation of speech in adolescent users of cochlear implants. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education,16(1), 140-151.

Sarant, J. Z., Holt, C. M., Dowell, R. C., Rickards, F. W., & Blamey, P. J. (2009). Spoken language development in oral preschool children with permanent childhood deafness. Journal of Deaf Studies & Deaf Education, 14(2), 205-217.

4-page peer reviewed conference papers

Holt, C.M. and Fletcher, J. (2015). Perception and interpretation of low-onset rising tunes by prelingually deaf cochlear implant users. In The Scottish Consortium for ICPhS 2015 (Ed.). Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow, UK. ISBN 978-0-85261-941-4. Paper number 0188.1-5.  Retrieved from http://www.icphs2015.info/pdfs/Papers/ICPHS0188.pdf

Holt, C.M. and Fletcher, J. (2010). Pitch accentuation in adolescent users of cochlear implants. Proceedings of the 13th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology, Melbourne Australia ISBN 978-0-9581946-3-1. p138-141.

Research projects

Naylor, R., Holt, C. and Blanksby, T. (2016). If I knew then what I know now... Harnessing the student voice in online peer mentoring resources. La Trobe University Teaching and Learning Grant                        

Maxwell, O., Fletcher, J., Holt, C. and Loakes, D. (2016). Perception of intonational contrasts in varieties of Indian English.  Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language Transdisciplinary & Innovation Grant.

Holt, C. and Davidson, B. (2013) eFundamentals: Developing online problem-based learning to extend linguistic analysis to clinical speech pathology practice. The University of Melbourne Teaching and Learning Initiatives Small Grant.

Vogel, A., Lee, K.Y.S., Dowell, R., Looi, V. and Holt, C. (2013). Tonal language development in Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking children with cochlear implants. Australian Research Council Linkage Grant.

Holt, C. (2011). Is speech clearer with two implants rather than one? Deafness Foundation Grant.