Dr Anne E

Dr Anne E Holland


College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Allied Health

Department of Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Sport

Alfred Health Clinical School,


BAppSc, PhD



Area of study


Brief profile

Anne Holland leads a research program that aims to optimise health and wellbeing for people with cardiorespiratory disease, based at the Alfred Health Clinical School. Anne’s research is investigating new models for pulmonary rehabilitation, including low cost home-based models and telerehabilitation, as well as defining the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation in new populations such as interstitial lung disease. She has over 130 publications in peer reviewed journals related to chronic respiratory disease and rehabilitation. Her publications have been cited over 2300 times, including in 8 national and international treatment guidelines. Anne has received over $AUD 5million in competitive research funding since 2003.

Anne's role is to lead and grow the physiotherapy clinical research program at Alfred Health, where she provides supervision and mentoring to clinicians and students undertaking research projects in a clinical setting.

Research interests

Chronic disease

- Chronic respiratory disease


- Pulmonary rehabilitation

Recent publications

Holland AE. Functional capacity in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: looking beyond the lungs (Editorial). Respirology 2015; 20 (6): 857-858.

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