Staff profile

Dr Zhen He

Associate Professor

Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Beth Gleeson room 235, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BSc (Hons), PhD, ANU.

Area of study

Computer Science

Brief profile

I obtained my PhD from the Australian National University(ANU) in 2003. My PhD work was on the caching for object oriented databases. Then in 2003 I did a postdoc at the university of Vermont, working on optimization issues relating to relational databases. In 2004 I began work as a lecturer in La Trobe University. In La Trobe university I have worked on many different research topics, include: Big Data, relational database optimization, wireless sensor networks, moving object databases, flash database, location based services.

Research interests

Computational intelligence and multimedia technologies

- Machine learning and Data mining

Databases and information system

- Big Data, Relational Databases

- database optimisation

Recent publications

Le, T. M. N., Cao, J., and He, Z. (2013) "Top-k best probability queries and semantics ranking properties on probabilistic databases." Data & Knowledge Engineering, vol. 88, pp. 248-266.

Nguyen, T., He, Z., and Chen, Y.-P. P. (2013) "SeTPR*-tree: Efficient Buffering for Spatiotemporal Indexes Via Shared Execution." The Computer Journal, vol. 56 / 1, pp. 115-137.

Begley, S., He, Z., and Chen, Y.-P. P. (2012), "MCJoin: A memory-constrained join for column-based main-memory databases." ACM SIGMOD 2012 International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD 2012), Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, vol. SIGMOD2012, pp. 121-132.

Fisher, N., He, Z., and McCarthy, M. (2012) "A Hybrid Filesystem for Hard Disk Drives in Tandem with Flash Memory." Computing: archives for scientific computing, vol. 94 / 1, pp. 21-68.

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