Staff profile

Dr Samar Singh

Adjunct Associate Professor

College of Science, Health and Engineering
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Department of Comp. Science and Information Technology

PS2 304, Melbourne (Bundoora)


BSc(Hons), MSc(Delhi), PhD (IIT, Delhi) SMIEEE, MACM

Area of study

Computer Science
Computer Systems

Brief profile

Research Area: 

Computer Networks,

Distributed Computing,

Real-time and Performance Issues and Security

Recent publications

Donald, P.,Singh, S.,Ghosh, S., 'Whirlwind: Overload protection, fault-tolerance and self-tuning in an Internet services platform'

Singh, J.,Veeraraghavan, P.,Singh, S., 'Dynamic Real-Time IP-based Publish-Subscribe Group Collaboration using Multicast Label Filters'

Singh, J.,Veeraraghavan, P.,Singh, S.,Potdar, V., 'Real-Time Public Group Collaboration using IP-based Multicast Label Filters'