Staff profile

Dr Christopher J Bradley


College of Science, Health and Engineering
School of Molecular Sciences
Department of Pharmacy and Applied Science
La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science

Applied Science 1, Room 2.13C, Bendigo



Area of study

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Brief profile

 My first career was a a Medical Scientist working in the areas of histopathology and haematology.  After working in both Private and Public Pathology for several years I moved to research at the the Haematology Department of the the Austin & Repatriation Hospital and was given the opportunity to do a PhD under Dr Peter Thurlow.  It was during this time that I also started teaching in the Department of Pathology at Melbourne University.  

On completion of my PhD I moved to Latrobe University Bendigo where I have continued teaching in the areas of Pathology, Clinical Haematology, Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology.  

My research interests have focussed mainly on the area of tumour cell biology and the pathogenesis of cancer.  Most recently I have been interested in chemical sensitizers used to enhance both radio- and chemotherapy of cancer.

Research interests

Cell Death Pathways and Cancer

- The mechanisms of action of sensitizers in the chemo- and radio-therapy of cancer.

Teaching units

BIO3CBH Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology

PHA2PGB Pharmacology B

PHA3THB Practice and Therapeutics B (Metabolic and Endocrine)

PHA4THE Practice and Therapeutics E (Oncology and Radiopharmacy)


Recent publications

Pritchard KM; Al-Rawi J; Bradley C. Synthesis, identification and antiplatelet evaluation of 2-morpholino substituted benzoxazines. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 42:1200-1210. 2007

Ihmaid S, Al-Rawi J, Bradley C. Synthesis, structural elucidation and DNA-dependant protein kinase and antiplatelet studies of 2-amino-[5, 6, 7, 8-mono and 7, 8-di-substituted]-1,3-benzoxazines. Eur J Med Chem 2010;45(11):4934-4946.

Ihmaid S, Al-Rawi J, Bradley C, Angove MCJ, Robertson MN, Clark RCL. Synthesis, structural elucidation DNA-PK inhibition, homology modelling and anti-platelet activity of morpholino-substituted-1,3-naphth-oxazines. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2011;19(13):3983-3994.

Ihmaid S, Al-Rawi J, Bradley C, Angove MCJ, Robertson MN. Synthesis, DNA-PK inhibition, anti-platelet activity studies of 2-(N-substituted-3-aminopyridine)-substituted-1,3-benzoxazines and DNA-PK and PI3K inhibition, homology modeling studies of 2-morpholino-(7, 8-di and 8-substituted)-1,3-benzoxazines. Eur J Med Chem 2012; 57:85-101.

Older publications

Scarlett, JD., Bradley,C., Dauer,R., Smith,IL., Connellan,JM., Thurlow,PJ.  The study of a plasma-independent mechanism of platelet aggregation induced by a human tumour cell line.  ANZ J Med. 18, 433, 1988.  (Abstract)

Dauer, RJ., Bradley, C., Connellan, JM., & Thurlow, PJ.  Partial characterization of a tumour cell membrane component capable of causing platelet aggregation.  Thrombosis and Haemostasis 65(1), 20, 1989.  (Abstract)

Bradley, C., Dauer, RJ., Connellan, JM & Thurlow, PJ.  Ultrastructural studies of platelet-tumour cell interactions. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 65(6), 1035, 1989.  (Abstract)

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Bradley, CJ., Deacon, S., Connellan, JM & Thurlow, PJ.  Electron microscopic studies of quinine induced ultrastructural changes to platelets.  Thrombosis Research 63; 563-568, 1991.

Ferraro,V., Thurlow, PJ., Bradley, CJ., Dauer, R., Connellan, JM.  Role of plasma factors and cytokines in tumour cell adhesion to endothelial cells.  Thrombosis and Haemostasis 69(6), 1043, 1993.  (Abstract)

Bradley, CJ., Thurlow, PJ., Connellan, JM., Dauer, RD.  Electron microscopic evaluation of tumour cell (Colo 526) platelet interaction.  Thrombosis and Haemostasis 69(6), 1043, 1993.  (Abstract)

Liu, JJ., Chen, JR., Bradley CJ., Xie, B., Johnston CI., Buxton BF.  Autologous neutrophil derived supernatants inhibit endothelium dependent relaxation in human coronary  bypass graft.  Cardiovascular Research 28, 1353-1359, 1994.

Liu, JJ., Chen, JR., Bradley, CJ., Johnston, CI., Buxton, BF.  Induction of Ca 2+ signalling and possible exocytosis in endothelial cells by a stable leukocyte-derived factor.  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 206(1), 146-152, 1995.

Bradley, CJ., Dauer,RJ., Thurlow, PJ., Connellan, JM.  Characterization of platelet aggregation induced by the human carcinosarcoma Colo 526: Role of platelet activation, tumour cell cytoskeleton and tumour cell plasma membrane.  Pathology  29, 189-195, 1997.

Luft, T., Pang, KC., Thomas, EL., Bradley, CJ, Trapani,J., Cebon, J.  Differentiation and activation of human dendritic cells derived from CD34+ progenitors in a novel serum-free culture system.  Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.  The First 25 Years.  25th Anniversary Symposium.  Cancer, A-10, 1997.  (Abstract)

Luft, T., Pang, KC., Thomas, E., Bradley, CJ., Savoia, H., Trapani,J., Cebon, J.  A serum-free culture model for studying the differentiation of human dendritic cells from adult CD 34+ progenitor cells.  Experimental Hematology 26, 489-500, 1998.

Chen, JR., Gu, BJ., Dao, LP., Bradley, CJ., Mulligan, SP., Wiley JS. Transendothelial migration of lymphocytes in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia is impaired and involves down-regulation of both L-selectin and CD23. British Journal of Haematology. 105(1):181-189, 1999.

Peng, LM., Bradley, CJ., Wiley, JS. P2Z purinoceptor, a special receptor for apoptosis induced by ATP in human leukemic lymphocytes.  Chinese Medical Journal. 112(4):356-362, 1999.

Peng, LM., Bradley, CJ., Zulli, A., Liu, JJ.  The relationship between apoptosis and spontaneous hypertension.  Chinese Medical Journal. 112(6):562-568, 1999.

Liu,JJ; Peng,L; Bradley,CJ; Zulli,A; Shen,J; Buxton,BF.  Increased apoptosis in the heart of genetic hypertension, associated with increased fibroblasts.  Cardiovascular Research 45(3, Feb), 729-735, 2000.

Peng, L., Jiang, H., Bradley, C. Annexin V for flow cytometric detection of phosphatidylserine expression on lymphoma cells undergoing apoptosis. Journal of West China University of Medical Sciences 32(4):602-604, 2001.

Neeson PJ; Thurlow PJ; Jamieson GP; Bradley C.  Lymphocyte-fascilitated tunour cell adhesion to endothelial cells: the role of high affinity leucocyte integrins.  Pathology 35(1):50-55.  2003.

Research projects

 An investigation of the mechanism of action of selected, biologically active benzoxazines.