Staff profile

Dr Ben C Soh

Associate Professor

College of Science, Health and Engineering
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Department of Comp. Science and Information Technology
Centre for Technology Infusion

Beth Gleeson Building room 233, Melbourne (Bundoora)


MSc USM., PhD La Trobe

Area of study

Computer Science

Recent publications

Alahmadi, A., Soh, B., and Alghamdi, S. (2013) "A Hybrid History Based Weighted Voting Algorithm for Smart Mobile E-health Monitoring Systems." IEEE 8th International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing, Melbourne, Australia, vol. IEEE ISSNIP, pp. 402-407.


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Soh, B.,Saxena, Amitabh, A Cryptographic primitive based on hidden-order groups

Soh, B.,Nguyen, T.D., Key Management for Lightweight Ad-hoc Routing authentication

Soh, B.,Nguyen, D.T, Enhancing the certificate service in Ad-hoc Networks (pp. 198-204)