Clinical Simulation Learning Centres

The Clinical Simulation Learning Centre (CSLC) based in Bendigo, Albury/Wodonga and Shepparton provides simulation education for future healthcare professionals.  The centres operate under the umbrella of the La Trobe Rural Health School (LRHS).

Our service enables healthcare professionals and students to improve and refine their clinical skills in a safe learning environment with the aim of enhancing clinical practice. 

At these centres we provide a variety of simulation education experiences, including clinical scenarios and skills training using high fidelity manikins, world-leading resources like our SimMan3G and SimMum manikins. 

LRHS also employs simulated patients (SPs), individuals trained to act as a real patient in order to simulate a set of symptoms or problems.  SPs can provide valuable feedback to student learners about how they felt and what they experienced during a simulation encounter.

Wodonga Clinical Simulation Learning Centre

What we do at the La Trobe Rural Health School

At LRHS we create simulated learning experiences for healthcare professionals and students at every level. Our safe, evidence-based environment supports participants to develop clinical and interpersonal skills.

Our programs provide clinicians with the confidence and competence to work as effective team members within their healthcare team.

Our simulation programs include debriefing sessions with fully trained staff. Debriefing provides valuable reflection after a simulation for learners which re-enforces learning outcomes.

La Trobe Rural Health School simulation objectives

* To increase access to high-quality simulation experiences for clinicians and students at La Trobe University.

* To provide accessible, affordable, quality simulation education delivered in a safe learning environment.

* To maintain the simulation resource portal, with relevant information for students, educators, technicians and simulated patients.  SimEd provides a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and experience of all current and future practitioners. SimEd provides a hub for discussion around the technical and educational aspects of simulation in health career education and for students, supports just-in-time learning and the development of work-ready skills.