Staff in the School of Education have many diverse research interests and pursue them using many different methodologies. Below is a brief introduction to key aspects of the research of members of the School of Education.

Staff member Research interest
Scott Alterator I investigate the idea of quality teaching and learning across education contexts and settings in order to contribute to the distribution of opportunity for all students.
Kymberley Barbary I am interested in flipped learning.
David Beagley I focus on children's literature and children's literacy learning experiences.
Susan Bennett I focus on parental perspectives on family-centred early childhood intervention programs.
Lucas Bester I explore pertinent outdoor pedagogies that enable learning and enrich teaching.
Genny Blades I value relational ways of knowing and am keen to understand them by way of the body through movement, senses and landscape.
Mike Brown I work at producing new knowledge in the fields of adult learning, lifelong learning, vocational education and training, and also, design and technology and applied learning in secondary schools.
Ginette Cook I am investigating the impact of the Education and Care National Quality Framework in promoting pedagogical change, particularly among early childhood teachers working within regional, stand-alone preschool settings.
Peter Cox I use mixed methods to explore innovations and models for pre—service teacher professional experience, teaching and learning models as well as gender and socio-economic differences in participation and performance in mathematics and science.
Eva Dakich I am exploring digital and mobile learning and the pedagogy of participation in the digital society.
Craig Deed I try to understand the agency of students and teachers in contemporary learning environments.
Debra Edwards I use critical discourse analysis to unpack ideology in d/Discourse and I explore learning in open plan environments.
Cathleen Farrelly I investigate student wellbeing in open plan secondary schools as well as the discourses apparent around school based sexuality education.
Rochelle Fogelgarn I explore the affective dimension of pedagogy and classroom management in relation to the sustainability of passionate and inclusive pedagogical practice in holistic C21st learning environments.
Noel Gough I deploy narrative experiments and rhizosemiotic play to produce essays that disrupt and deconstruct conventional wisdoms, resist the politics of complexity reduction, and create concepts that catalyse emergent futures in/for education.
Leanne Grogan I explore international perspectives on play, mobile technologies, outdoor experiences and sustainability in early childhood education.
Nicole Hayes I investigate influences on mastery and self-efficacy in pre-service teacher development through mechanisms including near-peer mentoring, self and peer assessment and formative feedback processes; in addition to finding creative ways to increase in our students the skills for 21st century learning and teaching.
Lesley Hodgson  
Peter Holmes I am asking the question, what educational learning theories are the most appropriate to use when teaching snow skiing.
Carla Jeffrey I investigate how children's temperaments are considered in the transition from pre-school to school.
Genevieve Johnson I am seeking useful ways of framing consistent educational provision to support children's early physical, social, cognitive and emotional development.
Lauren Johnson I am interested in social and political pressures on educators in their teaching sites and the ways that they interpret these demands in order to understand the various roles educators assume at the community and social levels, and the ways that they work for change.
Martha Kamara I focus on educational leadership and management as it pertains to female Indigenous principals in Australian Indigenous remote communities.
Mary Keeffe I explore inclusive education particularly as it relates to responsive schools, student autonomy, personalised learning, the differentiated curriculum and students with special needs.
Sally Knipe I publish in the areas of teacher education as well as in the use of existing data.
Prem Kurup I focus on scientific literacy, informed public decision-making about scientific issues and also pre-service teachers' confidence and competence to teach science.
Catherine Lang I investigate the under-representation of women in ICT courses and careers, teacher and pre-service teacher technical self-efficacy and the effectiveness of various models of professional experience in teacher education, including international placements.
Ruth Lawrence I use field-based approaches to explore human impacts on the environment, land use management, environmental change and environmental history focussing on riverine zones, alpine landscapes, cave environments and forests/woodlands.
Narelle Lemon I investigate engagement and participation in social media for learning, mobile digital technology, arts education, and museum learning.
Sarah-Jane Lord I am looking at how primary teachers are assessing general capabilities in their science curriculum.
Alison Lugg I use an ecosocial framework to investigate the collaborative processes and impacts of pre-service teachers' innovative cross-disciplinary sustainability curriculum development in schools.
Shem Macdonald I explore the experiences of learners and users of additional languages and the ways we understand these experiences, including what helps or hinders their language development.
Alan Maclean I have worked on projects that have included pre-service teacher education, practicum placements and the delivery of course work via blended learning.
Sarah Mayor Cox I endeavour to help the public, teachers and students understand children's and young adult literature and illustration better.
Noel Meyers I focus on science, science education, ecology, learning and teaching in higher education, and sustainability.
Rebecca Miles I explore place-based environmental education, drawing on practice theories to consider ways that place, knowledge and teacher practice intersect in educating primary school students about the environment.
Tiina Moore I am interested in the experiences that undergraduate preservice teachers have had as volunteers taking part in the 1 on 1 oral language program as part of their school experience placement.
Marcus Morse I focus on outdoor and environmental education, meaning-making and people's experience within nature.
Philippa Morse I focus on outdoor and environmental education pedagogy and imagination in ecological education.
Gregg Muller I examine environmental history and historical ecology, the ecology of phytoparasites in box-ironbark forests, and near-peer teaching.
Brendon Munge In my research I focus on the development of pedagogies that aid the delivery of fieldwork and student engagement.
Sean Murray I engage with themes surrounding outdoor leadership, judgement and decision making and critique the relevance of applying standard risk management approaches from industrial settings to the variable and ever changing contexts in the natural environment.
Deb Neal I focus on the success of school-university partnerships and the quality of the practicum experience.
Howard Nicholas I am interested in relationships between learner knowledge, communicative repertoires and interaction in language learning, including when communication is mediated by mobile devices.
Simon O'Mallon I am looking at what is creativity and creative problem solving, and how do we teach it?
Claire Philp-Clark I focus on the importance of critical reflection in preservice teacher education, connecting theory to practice.
Kathleen Pleasants I seek alternative understandings of Outdoor and Environmental Education curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices.
Greg Powell I look to further student learner needs, pedagogy and ICT so as to construct more innovative, interactive, engaging and creative student-centred learning environments that encourage self-directed learning in the use of ICT as well as promoting 21st century skills.
Vaughan Prain I focus on multi-modal reasoning in school science as one approach, among many, to student engagement and curricular renewal in this subject and more broadly across the curriculum.
Bruce Pridham I am passionate about teaching and learning and the connection between learning theory and practice in the areas of Applied Learning, Education Theory and Indigenous Education.
Margaret Robertson I use theoretical constructs drawn from geo-spatial technologies and innovative pedagogies aimed at youth studies to focus on advocacy of youth voice in urban planning including a range of cross-cultural studies.
Jennifer Ryan I am interested in catering for individual differences in the classroom.
Pete Sanders I am investigating the impact of mathematics competency procedures on the development of pre-service postgraduate students' primary mathematics teaching.
Dorothy Smith I investigate contemporary relationships between society and science and the consequences of these relationships for education.
Donna Starks I explore language awareness, language and identity and language maintenance.
Alistair Stewart I investigate poststructuralist approaches to curriculum inquiry, and place-responsive pedagogy, with particular reference to natural and cultural history.
Steven Stolz I have diverse interests; however, my current research interests are located around the intersection between philosophy and education.
Cindy Tassone I am interested in on-site teaching to enhance the authentic experiences of pre-service teachers.
Christopher Townsend I am conducting the first study into canoe trail development in Australia, which aims to understand the geographical distribution of trails nationwide, the benefits of these trails to individuals and the community and to seek out best practice for canoe trail development.
Caroline Walta I investigate online delivery of learning and enhancing the experience of practicum abroad for pre-service teachers.
Jacolyn Weller I am a practitioner researcher whose passion lies in teacher voice for ownership within maths, science and sustainability education to build capacity and act as a springboard for ongoing sustainable professional involvement and development.