Mr Gregg

Mr Gregg Müller


College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce


Department of Outdoor and Env. Education

Ironbark Centre : 2.06, Bendigo


MEnvSci, Grad. Dip. Outdoor Education, DipEd, BA



Area of study

Environmental education
Outdoor education

Brief profile


My major areas of research are cross cultural understandings of natural environments, pedagogy of natural history, environmental history and the flora of Victoria. My teaching, particularly in the subjects I coordinate directly incorporates the results of this research. This research also has direct relevance to the practice of both staff and students in the department, and broader relevance to the professions of outdoor leadership and nature tourism.

Teaching units

OED1NS Naturalist Studies Year 1 (Subject coordinator)

OED3PWM Parks and Wildlife Management, Year 3, (Subject coordinator)

OED2RWE River and Wetland Environments Year 2

OED2BE Bush Environments Year 2

OED3OPE Outdoor Practical Extension - Broome Cross Cultural Year 3

Recent publications


Stewart, A., & Müller, G. (2009). Toward a pedagogy for Australian natural history: Learning to read and learning content. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 25, 105-115. 

Müller G. (2009) Hypolithic Plants from Carruthers Peak, Snowy Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. Geographical Research. (Accepted for publication.)

Müller G. (2007) Heidelberg mistletoes revisited: decadal changes in the distribution of Creeping Mistletoe Muellerina eucalyptoides on introduced trees in suburban Melbourne. The Victorian Naturalist 124, 27-32

Müller G. (2006a) Gregg Müller on Lichenometry and Environmental History. Environmental History 11, 604-10.

Müller G. (2006b) A New Frequency Analysis Method for Constructing Fire Histories from Flowering Events in Austral Grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea australis) from Southern Victoria. Geographical Research 44, 339-47.

Müller G. (2005) Growth of the lichen Buellia albula and its potential for lichenometric dating in south-eastern Australia. Geographical Research 43, 267 - 73.


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