Dr Bruce

Dr Bruce Pridham

Lecturer in Education, Indigenous Education, Learning Theory & Applied Learning

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce


Department of Education

Room/Location: 3.05 Education, Bendigo

Research centres

Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities


BA, Ballarat CAE. Grad Dip Ed (Secondary) ICE Aquinas. Grad Dip Careers Education, RMIT. Masters in Education Policy (International) Melbourne. PhD LA Trobe University



Area of study

Aboriginal Studies
Community and outreach education
Educational Studies
Secondary teaching

Teaching units

Indigenous Education

Integrated Teaching

Understanding Learning / Theories of Learning

Middle Years Learners


Recent publications


Refereed Journal Articles

Pridham, B. Deed, C. & Cox, P. (2013) "Workplace-Based Practicum: Enabling Expansive Practices," in Australian Journal of Teacher Education. (forthcoming)

Pridham, B. & Deed, C. (2012)Applied learning and community partnerships improve student engagement in Australia. Middle School Journal, Vol 44, Number 1, September 2012 p. 36-44

Pridham, B. O'Mallon, S. & Prain, V. (2012) Insights into Vocational Learning from an Applied Learning Perspective. Vocations and Learning. Vol 5, July 2012 p.77-97 

Deed, C. Pridham, B. Prain, V. & Graham, R. (2012)Drawn into Mathematics: Applying Student Ideas about Learning. International Journal of Pedagogies & Learning, Vol 7, No 1. p. 99-108

(2010) Campbell, C. Faulkner, M. Pridham, B. Supporting Adolescent Learning and Development Using Applied Learning Pedagogies in a Regional Secondary School: An Evaluation of a Pilot Program. The High School Journal, Vol 94, Number 1, November – December 2010, p. 15-27

(2008) Pridham, B. & O'Mallon, S.  Training Technology Teachers for the New Millenium. Paper presented at the Exploring Technology Education: solutions to issues in a Globalised World, Gold Coast.


Current Research Project

Pre Service Teacher Practicum - Exploring expansive practices that foster productive workplace learning.



Member VALA - Victorian Applied Learning Association

Research projects

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Applied learning: a validated theoretical framework


The thesis – by publication presents and validates a theoretical framework to explain the factors associated with successful applied learning. Validation of the framework occurred in learning settings and contexts that included; higher education; secondary schools; vocational education; and workplaces. I use these diverse cases to demonstrate the utility and portability of the applied learning framework.

The validated framework categorised the contributions of learning theory to successful applied learning outcomes at three levels. These    were:

Ô     micro (individual’s experience of the learning environment);

Ô     meso (personal interactions with curriculum as designed and experienced); and

Ô     macro (societal, social, historical, political, and economic factors) influences applied learning experiences.

Implementation of the model demonstrates how to improve applied learning by addressing the design, development, implementation, presentation and evaluation of learner and teacher practice. The extension of the original applied learning framework provides guidance to educators on ways how best to support learners through their education and working lives. Conceptual advances demonstrated from my work provide the foundations necessary to expand our understandings of how we can influence applied learning for individuals, and best support and maximise learning gains.