Dr Alison

Dr Alison Lugg

Academic Program Director (Undergraduate)

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce


Department of Education

Room/Location: 2.31 Education, Bendigo


PhD, M. Ed, Grad. Dip. (OE), B, Ed.



Membership of professional associations

Australian Association for Educational Research, Australian Teacher Education Association, Australian Association for Environmental Education, Victorian Outdoor Education Association, International Consortium for Experiential Learning

Area of study

Secondary teaching

Brief profile

Alison is an Academic Program Director for undergraduate programs at the Bendigo and Mildura campuses. She has worked as an academic in three universities since working as a secondary teacher: La Trobe University, University of Edinburgh and University of Melbourne. As a teacher educator Alison has worked with students at post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate levels mainly in the fields of: curriculum development and professional practice, outdoor environmental education, sustainability education, physical education and health education. Alison has supervised numerous Honours and Masters student theses related to these areas of expertise. She has worked with colleagues on several research projects, publishing journal and conference papers mainly in the areas of outdoor and environmental education and sustainability literacy. Her PhD study titled: Re-making futures: A case study of outdoor sustainability education teachers, investigated pre-service teachers' professional development through an interdisciplinary team-based school teaching placement focusing on sustainability education.


Teaching units

Past subjects taught have been mainly in Secondary Teacher Education (graduate level) and Outdoor and Environmental Education (undergraduate and graduate).



Coordinator of SUSTAINed 2015-16 (national tertiary sustainability educator network) - https://sustainability-ed.blogs.latrobe.edu.au/

Recent publications


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Hoad, C., Deed, C. & Lugg, A. (2013). Humour as a trigger for emotional engagement in outdoor education? Journal of Experiential Education, Vol. 36(1), pp. 37-50.

Lugg, A. (2009) Journeys in/with sustainability literacy: possibilities for 'real word' learning in higher education contexts.Transnational Curriculum Inquiry, 6(1), 15-37. Available at: http://ojs.library.ubc.ca/index.php/tci/article/view/81.

Lugg, A. (2007). Developing sustainability literate citizens through outdoor learning: Possibilities for outdoor education in higher education. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 7(2), 97-112.


Chapters in Edited Books

Lugg, A. (to be published in 2017). Becoming relational in outdoor education: not just womens' work. In T. Gray & D. Mitten (Eds.) The International Handbook of Women in Outdoor Learning. Palgrave McMillan

Lugg, A. (2012). Navigating through new terrain: pre-service teachers' journeys in teaching 'sustainability'. In  M. Robinson (Ed) Schooling for sustainable development: A focus on Australia, New Zealand and the Oceanic region, pp. 101-123. Dordrecht: Springer.

Higgins, P. & Lugg, A. (2006). The Pedagogy of People, Place and Activity: Outdoor Education at Moray House School of Education, the University of Edinburgh. In Humberstone, B. & Brown, H.,& Richards, K. (Eds.) Creative Diversity in Outdoor Studies Courses in Higher Education in the UK.  Penrith: Institute for Outdoor Learning.

Lugg, A. (2003). Women's experience of outdoor education: Still trying to be 'one of the boys'? in Whose Journeys? The Outdoors and Adventure as Social and Cultural Phenomena, Ed. Humberstone, Barbara, Heather, Brown & Kaye, Richards, pp. 33-48, Penrith, Cumbria: The Institute for Outdoor Learning, 1-898555-07-9.

Published Conference Papers

Lugg, A. & Hodgson, L. (2009). How should we teach environmental literacy? Critical reflections on virtual teaching and learning experiences. In Proceedings of the 4th International Outdoor Education Research Conference, April, Beechworth, Australia. 

Lugg, A., 2006. Sustainability Education in Higher Education Curricula: Possibilities and Issues for Outdoor Experiential Pedagogy. Proceedings of  the 3rd International Outdoor Education Research Conference, UCLAN, Penrith, 4th-7th July, 2006.

Lugg, A.,  2005. Education for Sustainability in Higher Education Curricula Possibilities and Issues for Experiential Pedagogy. In Proceedings of Committing Universities to Sustainable Development. International Conference, April 20-23, Graz, Austria.

Reports for External Bodies

Higgins, P., Nicol, R., Lugg, A. and Allison, P., 2005 Education Outside the Classroom: Second Report of session 2004-5 Report for an external body, pp. 110-123, London : Parliamentary Education and Skills Committee Inquiry.

Lugg, A., 1999 Benchmarking senior secondary courses of outdoor and environmental education. Melbourne: Board of Studies, Victoria.


Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (director)

Loddon-Mallee ResourceSmart schols consortium (chair)

Member of Australian Association for Research in Education

Member of Australian Teacher Education Assoication

Member of Australian Association for Environmental Education

Member of Victorian Association for Environmental Education

Member of Australian Outdoor Education Council, (State delegate 1996-2000, Secretary and Treasurer, 1998-2000)

Member of Victorian Outdoor Education Association (President 1996-98, Vice Pres. 1995-'96, Secretary 2000-2001)

Member of Bendigo Sustainability Group

Older publications

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers.

Lugg, A. (2004). Outdoor adventure in Australian outdoor education: Is it a case of roast for Christmas dinner? Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, Vol. 8(1), pp. 4-11.

Lugg, A. and Slattery, D. (2003). Use of national parks for outdoor environmental education: An Australian case study. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, Vol. 3(1), pp. 77-92.

Slattery, D. and Lugg, A. (2002). If they treated the whole world like a national park. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, Vol. 18, pp. 47-56.

Lugg, A. and Martin, P. (2001). The nature and scope of outdoor education in Victorian schools. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, Vol. 5(2), pp. 42-48.

Lugg, A. (1999). Directions in Outdoor Education Curriculum. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, Vol. 4(1), pp. 25-32.

Published Conference Papers

Lugg, A., 2001 Outdoor Education in Victorian Schools: The state of play in Education Outdoors - Our sense of Place:Conference Proceedings of the 12th National Outdoor Education Conference, Ed. Monica, Green, 12th National Outdoor Education Conference, La Trobe University Bendigo, 15-18, January, 2001, Bendigo, Australia: Victorian Outdoor Education Association.

Lugg, A., 2001 Expanding Horizons: Outdoor Experiential Learning in Community Leadership Development in Te Rito o te Matauranga Experiential learning for the Third Millenium Selected Papers from the Seventh Conference of the International Consortium for Experiential Learning, vol. 2: 139-150, Ed. Nina, Richard Benton, pp. 139-152, the Seventh Conference of the International Consortium for Experiential Learning, Auckland, December, 2000, University of Auckland, December 4-8, 2000, Auckland: James Henare Maori Research Centre, University of Auckland, 0-9582366-1-5.

Lugg, A., 1999 Changing Conceptions of Outdoor Education: A Case Study in Proceedings of the 11th National Outdoor Education Conference, pp. 80-93, The Human Face of Outdoor Education:11th National Outdoor Education Conference, Murdoch Univeristy, Perth, Australia, January 11-15, 1999, Perth, Western Australia: Murdoch University.

Research projects

PhD research project (completed in May 2016): Remaking futures: A case study of pre-service outdoor sustainability education teachers.

Interdisciplinary Teaching in HE Project (LTLT) - ongoing.