Information for current scholarship recipients

This information is for all current recipients of the following scholarships:

  • Commonwealth Scholarships (CS)
    • Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship (I-CECS)
    • Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship (I-CAS)
    • Indigenous Access Scholarship (IAS)
  • La Trobe University Scholarships
    • La Trobe Study Support Scholarship (LSSS)
    • La Trobe Access Scholarship (LAS)
    • La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarship (LAES)
    • La Trobe Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship (LVCES)
    • La Trobe Vice Chancellor's Excellence and Access Scholarship (LVCEAS)
    • La Trobe Indigenous Student Scholarship (LISS)
    • La Trobe Vice-Chancellor's City of Whittlesea Scholarship (LVCWS)
    • La Trobe Vice-Chancellor's Regional Scholarship (LVCRS)
    • The B Manjee Memorial Scholarship
    • R.E.McGarvie Memorial Scholarship


You must be enrolled in a full time study load in an undergraduate course, at a Victorian Campus of La Trobe University to be eligible to receive scholarship payments. Part-time enrolment is only permitted in exceptional circumstances (see below).

Leave of Absence

You may be permitted to keep your scholarship if you take an approved Leave of Absence from your course. You can only have one year of leave over your whole course, and only after you have successfully completed your First Year. Your scholarship may be suspended during your First Year only in exceptional circumstances.

Your scholarship payments will be suspended during a period of Leave of Absence.

You should ask the Scholarships Unit for advice before you take a Leave of Absence from your studies.

Change in study load

You may be permitted to change to part-time study and retain the scholarship in exceptional circumstances, such as where illness, disability or significant full time carer responsibilities prevent you from studying full time.

You will need to provide evidence to support your request for approval of part-time enrolment while holding a scholarship. Written requests can be made to the Scholarships Unit and are considered on a case by case basis.

If you are not given approval to hold your scholarship while studying part time your scholarship payments may be suspended until you are able to return to full time study.

Some scholarships don't permit you to study part time under any circumstances. See the individual scholarship Terms and Conditions for further information.

Course Transfer

You should check the Terms and Conditions of your scholarship and contact the Scholarships Unit before you change your course or transfer to another La Trobe University Campus.

If your scholarship was awarded based on enrolment in a specified course, you will not be able to transfer courses and retain the scholarship. 

You must advise the Scholarships Unit if you change your course, and you must maintain continuous enrolment.

If you change your course and are allowed to keep the scholarship, the total period of your scholarship will not exceed the normal duration of study for the course you were first enrolled in when awarded the scholarship.

You can not take a La Trobe University scholarship to any other University.

Termination of a scholarship

Your scholarship may be terminated if you:

  • no longer meet any of the ongoing conditions
  • have been paid the full value of the scholarship (4 years, or the usual duration of the course if less than 4 years)
  • fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the University's policies, or as defined for your particular scholarship
  • do not re-enrol and/or meet all of the University's and Government administrative requirements
  • are found guilty of serious academic misconduct and/or general misconduct.

Payment Procedure

Providing you continue to meet the eligibility requirements for your scholarship, you will be paid after the census dates of each semester. Payment will be made directly to the bank account that you nominate when you accept the offer of your scholarship. Payments are usually made in April and September.

Payments can not be made to credit cards. You need to ensure that the bank details you provide are accurate and up to date to prevent delays to you receiving your payment.

To advise the Scholarships Unit of a change to bank details please fill out the bank details form and email to the Scholarships Unit.

Refund of a scholarship payment

If your scholarship is terminated because you haven't met eligibility requirements, or you provided incomplete or inaccurate information, you may be required to repay the amount paid for that semester. This will be decided on a  case by case basis.

Confirmation of Circumstances

You are responsible for advising the Scholarships Unit  of any changes to your personal, financial or enrolment circumstances which may affect your eligibility for your scholarship.

You need to tell the Scholarships Unit about:

  • changing your course
  • your study load (for example, if you change to part time study)
  • transfering your enrolment to a different campus
  • approved leave of absence.

You need to maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to continue to receive scholarship payments. 

The Scholarships Unit will contact you by email prior to payments being made each semester. This gives you the opportunity to confirm that your circumstances haven't changed. If they have changed you need to advise the Scholarships Unit. If you don't respond to this email you will not receive payment.

Refund of a Scholarship payment

If your scholarship is terminated because you haven't met eligibility requirements, or you provided incomplete or inaccurate information, you may be required to repay the amount paid for that semester. This will be decided on a case by case basis.