Through our diverse research programs at La Trobe Rural Health School we seek to:

  • understand the needs and challenges of rural/regional communities
  • impact and improve rural community health and wellbeing
  • transform rural and regional health care.

Our research is focused around the key areas of rural health, chronic health conditions and mental health and well being. We are particularly committed to conducting research with populations who are vulnerable and/or marginalised in some way.

Research Strengths

We have active research programs across all eleven disciplines within the La Trobe Rural Health School. The research teams below demonstrate some of our current research strengths.

Building healthy rural communities

Maximising healthcare outcomes to ensure the delivery of quality rural health care.

Language and literacy needs of vulnerable young people

Improving the language and literacy skills of educationally at-risk adolescents.

Patient-Centred Research to reduce Inequalities in health outcomes

Investigating the structure and processes of the health care system.

Physiology of exercise, physical activity and rehabilitation

Experts in the measurement and restoration of human movement.

Supporting mainstream school inclusion of students with disability

Encouraging inclusion across a variety of educational facilities.