Reporting fraud

Protected disclosure 

Any member of the University community, visitor to the University or member of the general public that wishes to make a complaint or report an incident involving the University or an officer of the University may do so as a protected disclosure under the Protected Disclosure Act 2012.

If you wish to make a protected disclosure please refer to La Trobe University Protected Disclosure Policy [PDF 70KB] and Protected Disclosure Procedure [PDF 260KB].

Making a report to the University (non protected disclosure)

Reports of fraud or corrupt behaviour by members of the University should be made to the University's Internal Audit Office.

You can report an incident in one of two ways:


Reports can be made anonymously. You should ensure that as much information regarding the incident is provided to enable full investigation of the report.

Further information

Contact the Internal Audit office
T: 9479 1286 or 9479 2074