Mentor and Mente in a meeting

In our industry mentoring stream, we pair a highly motivated PhD student with an industry leader with similar interests to meet up at regular intervals for a period of twelve months,  for around two hours per month.

We offer industry mentoring programs to PhD students in our two Colleges – College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce, and College of Science, Health and Engineering. Our mentors come from a wide range of industry sectors and backgrounds, including private sector, government and not-for-profit, from Australia and overseas. Mentoring programs in the STEM sector (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are offered through collaboration with IMNIS – Industry Mentoring Network in STEM.

Industry mentoring aims to enhance the mentee’s industry knowledge, professional skills and career readiness, and to provide industry mentors with the opportunity to share their expertise and experience, and shape future leaders.

Mentoring is a voluntary activity, and mentors act in their personal capacity.

Being a mentor can be a very rewarding experience. As an industry leader with extensive professional experience, you will play an important role in shaping a new generation of industry-skilled PhD graduates and supporting future industry leaders. You will also help bring academia and industry closer together, making industry-relevant research more accessible to industry.

Why you should consider being a mentor

  • Be a role model for a successful industry-based career
  • Share leading-edge information on your industry and its operations
  • Be a catalyst between your mentee and your other industry contacts
  • Reflect and share your insights into your professional path and your career choices
  • Get a new perspective on your leadership style and skills
  • Expand your network and become aware of the talent in the University
  • Become a highly respected member of the La Trobe University community.

How to get involved

Whether you come from the private sector, government or not-for-profit organisation, and are interested in mentoring a La Trobe PhD student, please get in touch with us by completing the Expression of Interest form below.

Express your interest in the mentoring program

Contact us

Taina Jara
Senior Project Coordinator
T: 03 9479 2265

Testimonials from industry mentors

Louise Lovell, sustainability professional

Currently working in environmental sustainability at Moreland City Council, Louise is a sustainability professional with more than a decade of industry experience crossing over the local government, manufacturing and heavy industry. Focused on building capacity in sustainability, Louise engages with staff, community and partners on sustainability issues to produce solutions and create a culture of continual improvement towards an environmentally sustainable future.

Louise has experience in Environmental Management Systems, Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process, sustainability integration through green procurement and capital works and transdisciplinary solutions to urban heat in a warming climate. Louise is currently studying a Masters in Environmental and Business Management at the University of Newcastle and has a Graduate Diploma in Commerce and Environment from Otago University as well as an undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering from RMIT.

“I joined the La Trobe PhD industry mentoring program because I saw mentoring as an opportunity to develop connections with La Trobe University, to share my knowledge, and gain experience being a mentor. In 2017, I have been mentoring a PhD student from La Trobe Business School who conducts research on green marketing. We have regular contact with each other both in person and online. Through mentoring, my mentee has managed to develop some significant industry contacts in Melbourne and learn about the world of work outside the university sector. For me, the most rewarding aspect of mentoring has been to connect with my industry more broadly and learn about La Trobe University.

I have benefitted from being mentored myself, and have recently had a mentor helping me focus on myself and where I want to go with my career. I would highly recommend becoming an industry mentor to my colleagues. Being a mentor is a great opportunity to develop connections both inside the university sector and in industry, and learn more about current research in your industry.”