Nancy Millis Award for theses of exceptional merit

2015 Nancy Millis awardeeThis award is named after Professor Nancy Millis, who served as Chancellor of La Trobe University for 14 years from 1992 - 2006.

A 'legend' in the world of science, she was one of only five Australian scientists recognised on the 'Australian Legends' series of stamps in 2002. During her distinguished career, Professor Millis gained a string of scientific and civic accolades, including election to the Australian Academy of Science, an MBE and a Companion of the Order of Australia.

Selection process

The Nancy Millis Medal is awarded to the authors of outstanding doctoral theses. Examiners are asked if they consider the thesis to be in the top five per cent of theses they have examined. Nominated theses are then assessed following the examination process and are considered for award through a consultative selection process that involves the supervisor, School Graduate Research Coordinator and Dean of Graduate Studies. Final recommendations are approved by the Board of Graduate Research.

2016 recipients

The following recipients will receive their award at a special event, held at the Graduate Research School in December 2016.

AwardeeSchoolThesis Title
Prue AtkinsSchool of Allied HealthThe Influence of Organisational Context in the Practice Implementation Process: Identifying Influential Aspects of Design Intent in an Innovative Therapeutic Outreach Program for Child Protection Clients
Emma BlandSchool of Molecular SciencesHigh Frequency Remote Sensing of Pc5 Ultra-Low Frequency Waves Using the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network
Wendy BunstonSchool of Allied HealthHow Refuge Provides ‘Refuge’ to Infants: Exploring the Ways in Which ‘Refuge’ Is Provided to, and Experienced by, Infants Entering Crisis Accommodation With Their Mothers After Fleeing Family Violence
Imogen ClarkSchool of Allied HealthMusic to Support Physical Activity in Older Adults with Health Conditions
Shannon CouchmanSchool of Molecular SciencesA Theoretical Investigation of Novel Main Group Organometallic Compounds
Gary DevillesSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesCity Sense: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sensing Manila
Joseph EvansSchool of Molecular SciencesThe Role of Trafs and Rip Kinases in Regulating Inflammatory Signalling in Vivo
Leesa HookerSchool of Nursing and MidwiferyStrengthening Maternal and Child Health Nursing Practice for Women and Children Experiencing Family Violence
Joe Rae LathamSchool of Psychology and Public HealthTrans Men’s Realities: An Ontological Politics of Sex, Gender and Sexuality
Umar LubangaSchool of Life SciencesReproductive Biology, Signalling and Sexual Selection in the She-Oak Psyllid Aacanthocnema Dobsoni (Froggatt) (Hemiptera: Triozidae)
Alison LuggSchool of EducationRemaking Futures: A Case Study of Pre-Service Outdoor Sustainability Education Teachers
Gustavo PortesSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesSacrifice in Animation: Psychological Development and Relationship in the Work of Pixar and Hayao Miyazaki
Alin RaiSchool of Molecular SciencesRole of Extracellular Vesicles in Colorectal Cancer Progression
Mark ScillioSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesMaking Career Stories: Navigating Work Life and a Sense of Security
Holly SellersSchool of Humanities and Social SciencesA Linguistic Approach to Ethnobotanical Plant Name Classification in Southern Lisu
Aryeh SolomonSchool of EducationThe Educational Theory of Rabbi Menachem M.Schneerson

Previous Awardees

2015 recipients

The following recipients received their award at a special event, held at the Graduate Research School in December 2015.

  • Natasha Brusco
  • Jacqueline Delaney
  • Celeste Donato
  • Kevin Farnier
  • Sven Gronemeyer
  • Helene Johns
  • David Mwambari
  • Thanh Dat Nguyen
  • Bridget Pannell
  • Jennifer Payne
  • Donato Vicendese
  • Paul Weeks