Suspensions and extensions


To apply for an extension complete our Application to Extend Candidature/Scholarship form, ask your supervisor to complete section two and have it approved by your Graduate Research Coordinator and School Graduate Research Coordinator or Head of School. Please note: Reasons for an extension must relate to your research and be beyond your control. Illness and similar personal circumstances are not included.

International students: Contact La Trobe International and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to ensure that your visa will remain valid if you are granted an extension.

See our Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information on scholarships.

Leave of Absence (Suspensions)

You may apply to suspend your candidature (stop your study, research and enrolment) for up to 12 months for any one application and no more than 24 months total. Download the Leave of Absence (suspension, sick, maternity leave) Application form. Your supervisor must support your application.

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) and La Trobe scholarships can be suspended but are not paid while your enrolment is suspended.

International students: Contact La Trobe International or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship regarding suspension of candidature. A suspension granted for longer than 6 months will normally result in the cancellation of your student visa.

Resuming your candidature

After a period of suspension you must complete the Notification Of Commencement Or Resumption Of A Postgraduate Scholarship And/Or Higher Degree Research Candidature form.

Withdrawing your candidature

Master's or Doctoral candidates who wish to withdraw/discontinue from candidature must complete the Total Withdrawal from HDR Candidature form.

Reviving your candidature

If your candidature runs out you must complete the Application to Revive Candidature form.

Forms and resources

All of our forms are available to download from our forms and resources page.