During your candidature

Researchers working in a labIf you have applied for a graduate research degree, this section of the website will provide you with important information about your next steps. This section also contains valuable resources for current graduate researchers.

New candidature and progress policies

In creating a new framework around candidature and progress we have the opportunity to help candidates better manage their progress and hit their milestones.

Research Orientation

Important first steps and orientation information for all graduate researchers.

Policies, guidelines and support

Guidelines, support services and other information for graduate researchers

Changes to your candidature and scholarship

How to make changes, take leave, travel information, change your topic or supervisor

Forms and resources

For graduate research degree candidates, as well as for ethics and intellectual property purposes.


Your supervisor's responsibilities, progress, milestones and what to do in your supervisor's absence.

Collaborating with external organisations

Undertaking research in organisations collaborating with the University.