RED researcher writing retreat

Image of a vintage typewriterJohn Scott Meeting House.  21-23 November 2016

Our November Academic Writing Month (#LTUacwrimo) culminates in this very popular RED researcher writing retreat. For three days at the end of November, check out of your office and into the John Scott Meeting Writing House to focus on your academic writing.

You could be writing a journal article, a conference paper, or a thesis chapter – all you need is a writing goal and to make sure you're prepped to write!

The retreat is designed for you to spend time on your individual writing by providing a space and support for you to withdraw from your other responsibilities and immerse yourself in your writing. All lunches, morning and afternoon tea breaks will be catered and are covered by the registration cost.

During the retreat, you can also book in for a shoulder massage, attend optional writing workshops, and connect with other academic writers. For the absolute majority of your time, however, your writing is the priority and raison d'etre of the Retreat!

The format for the three days allows you to move in and out of different writing "zones" so you can achieve your retreat goals.

Writing Zones

The Eyrie (Meeting Room 4)

In this space, you can sit and write in quiet collegial solitude.  All phones and email alerts must be turned off.  Movement in this space must be quiet and respectful of fellow-writers.

Pomodoro Plus (Chamber)

The Chamber is the place for facilitated writing - using the Pomodoro Technique of timed writing sprints.  This room will also be the location for the optional workshops.

The Retreat Retreat (Meeting Room 1, or Writing Hub)

Meeting room 1 is where you will find the daily convenor – here you can "bank your writing goals" and it is the place to book and receive a shoulder massage.  The Retreat Retreat will also contain lots of useful writing resources.

Chill Zone (Meeting Room 3)

All food and refreshments will be available in meeting room 3 across the course of the retreat.  This will also be a place to connect with colleagues throughout the retreat.

The Daily Schedule

The schedule for the writing retreat will follow a similar pattern each day.

While morning and afternoon tea are available each day, there is no specific break time scheduled for them. This is so that you can maximise your productivity. You are, however, encouraged not to sit for long periods without moving around!


We will start with a welcome and daily planning session, then knuckle down to write.

You will be able to select the writing environment you prefer from the options above and write until the lunch break.

12.30 - 1.15pmLunch break
1.15 - 2.15pmOptional workshop
2.15 - 5.00pm

The afternoon block is clear for more writing!

Each day will formally close by 5, but you can continue writing after that until the building is locked at 6.00pm.


You will need to bring you own laptop and writing tools for the retreat. You are also very welcome to bring your own chair, footrest, and other auxiliaries to increase your writing comfort.

The retreat will be particularly useful for researchers with a clear writing goal who can sustain three days of independent writing and is unlikely to be suitable for graduate researchers in their first year of candidature.

Travel and Accommodation for regional participants

RED has secured accommodation close to campus for regional participants. In addition, transport costs can be fully covered. After securing your place through registering, please contact the RED team by emailing to make your travel arrangements.


Online registration is required for the retreat and numbers are strictly limited. The total cost for the retreat is $30. This cost includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea each day.

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