Guidelines for directors and administrators

The following links provide information about the procedures required for a successful set-up and running of research centres and institutes at La Trobe University:

All centres and institutes operating at La Trobe University are required to follow the establishment and operating guidelines outlined above.

NB: University and college centres and institutes are required to submit an annual report to Academic Board (respectively, RGSC) via the Dean and DVC R (respectively the Dean), on the operations of the Centre for the previous calendar year (See 5. Annual Reporting, "Research Centres and Institutes Procedures"). Submission date for Annual reports – 31st May.

Note that centres and Institutes may be exempt from Research and Graduate Studies Committee-mediated reviews only if they can demonstrate that regular, formal reviews are held by an external body, for example a funding body.

For further information contact Research Services on +61 3 9479 1976 or email